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Chapter 329

”Follow us into the house!” Mister George said with a dark face.

Soon, Sharon and the others arrive at a very big living room.

“I heard that you confessed to somebody today? That person is a man who married into the wife’s family and is a veteran, right? Not only that he’s from a poor family, he has a wife and a child, right?” Mister George was extremely angry. His daughter had let him down and it was a stain on the George family’s prestige.

Although it was humiliating, all could be forgiven if she succeeded. At least his daughter got a husband. However, Jack did not know Sharon so the possibility of Sharon failing her confession was huge. Their family would lose their face if she failed.

“Dad, I had no idea that you still care so much for me. You know about all the details!” Sharon lowered her head, secretly smiled and said.

“You…” Mister George was very angry when he saw his daughter smile. He glared at her. “Do you know that you have put us in shame because you confessed and asked someone from that family background to marry you. You’re not the only shameful one, us as a family is affected too!”

“Yes, Sharon. Your admirers come from nice families and you…prefer a soldier. Sigh, I have no idea what’s in your mind!” Sharon’s mother was so angry that she was speechless.

She almost fainted when she knew about this. Her daughter had no shame. The main concern was, her daughter had been gaining weight as days went by. If this did not stop, she was afraid that her daughter’s weight would hit 150 kilograms.

“Dad, mum, he’s a really nice man! Furthermore, it really doesn’t matter to be rejected. To keep the feelings to myself would have hurt more!” Sharon explained, “However, he’s a really nice man. Although he didn’t like me, he didn’t reject me in public. He asked my bodyguards and friends to leave before he suggested that we speak privately. That way, not only that I wasn’t publicly shamed, he honored me by speaking to me in private!” Sharon smiled and continued, “All of you don’t have to worry about me. Although I can’t be with such a nice man, I’m very grateful that I met a nice person like him! And I might meet someone suitable for me in the future!”

“Didn’t reject you in public? Asked others to leave first?” Mister George was relieved and confused at the same time. “It seems like Jack is a very nice person. He puts himself in other people’s shoes and cares about their feelings!”

“Oh yes, dad, mum. I won’t be leaving the house for three days. You guys shouldn’t go out too. Stay and look at how I slim down in three days! I’ll lose fifty kilograms in three days. This is what Jack told me. Who would’ve known that he was also a doctor!” Sharon smiled and sighed again. “Sigh, I really want to marry him. It would’ve been so good if he liked me too!”

“Fifty in three days? He must be a liar!” Mister George and his wife looked at each other and were speechless.

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