Chapter 324

Sharon was in disbelief after she heard what Jack said. She smiled and said, “How… How is that possible? Are you talking about the friends who were with me just now?”

“Yes, I’m talking about the one who talked to me last!” Jack nodded. He believed that he was a good judge of character because of his experience in the army and the amount of people he met.

“Selena Smith? How is that possible? She’s the one who treats me best among all my friends! She had never disliked me and had always been considerate. She was the one who’d taken the initiative to plan this confession!” Sharon obviously in disbelief.

However, Jack replied, “Then it must be her. Do you think that she’s doing this for you? She’s the one who wants to make a joke out of you!”

“Impossible… You’ve only met her once and you don’t know her. She’s a really nice person!” Sharon shaked her head profusely. She would like to believe that it was somebody else and not Selena.

“You’re the one who doesn’t understand her!” Jack smiled bitterly and smoked the cigarette in his hand again. “Let me ask you. Did you have a nice figure and a pretty face in the past?”

“Yes. I can’t control my diet. I’ll drool and crave for food every time I see it and gain weight after. Most importantly, I enjoy meat and sweet stuff very much!” Sharon spoke in embarrassment, “I find that running and other exercises have no effect on me. Instead, I grow fatter every time I try to lose weight!”

“When did this start?” Jack asked.

“Around three years ago. I’m only twenty-one years old. Sigh, I’m afraid that I can’t find my true love in the future!” Sharon looked at Jack after she spoke. “I think I don’t stand a chance with you. It doesn’t matter if I like you because you have a wife and you don’t like me. Sigh, what should I do! This is bothering me!”

Jack could not help but laughed when he saw Sharon’s cute expression. “Don’t you worry. All you have to do is lose weight! You’ll definitely find someone who you like and likes you in return. You’ll have self-confidence after you slim down!”

“It’s easier said than done.” Sharon smiled bitterly. “I have no idea what to do. I should be thankful as long as I don’t gain more weight!”

“Think about it, does your best friend offer you food consistently, or occasionally? Was it something peculiar? Think about it carefully. She would have started giving you this three years ago and has never stopped!” Jack knew the answer very well.

He intended to pay the George family a visit in order to help Sharon after the incident at the auction house. He had no idea that they would meet under these circumstances before he had the chance to visit!

“Food? I don’t think so.” Sharon frowned and thought about it. She failed to recall if Selena had given her something to eat regularly after thinking about it for a long time.

“Think carefully. It mustn’t be nothing. Trust me, there must be something, she’s hurting you. I trust my instinct!” Jack said confidently.

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