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Chapter 288

“Such powerful strength!” One of the men who was in a slightly better condition got back up from the ground immediately while staring at Jack with a serious look.

The remaining three men immediately surrounded Jack. Therefore, all five people had Jack completely surrounded.

Young Master Ruben let out a sigh of relief when he noticed Jack was completely surrounded. He exclaimed, “You lot don’t kill him immediately. Beat him up nicely and don’t give him a quick and painless death.”

That bald man let out a bitter laugh before saying, “Young Master Ruben, this guy isn’t a pushover. Even if we can kill him, it’ll be a very difficult thing to do!”

After Young Master Ruben heard that he gasped and said, “No way, right? You guys happen to be the Five Tigers of the Dragon God. Although there’s six of you initially, unfortunately Scar was killed. Our Dragon God Clan obviously does not need to bend to the wills of the other clans.”

“This man was a soldier for five years and anyone who can survive on the battlefield for five years obviously wouldn’t be a pushover. It seems it’ll be a one in a million chance to ever encounter a man like this!” A man with a tiny beard spoke.

After he was done speaking, he flipped over his palms and grabbed onto the same dagger from earlier before saying, “However, it’s very unfortunate for him to run into all five of us at the same time. Don’t worry, Young Master Ruben, this guy will die today!”

Young Master Ruben instantly felt delighted after hearing that bearded man make such a confident claim.

“didn’t you guys say that you guys valued honor the most? Didn’t you guys say that you guys were not planning to kill me and it’s merely a matter of 3.8 million dollars?” Jack chuckled as he spoke.

“You have to be really naive if you believe that! Our Dragon God Clan has seen all kinds of awful things. you’ve beaten our young master to such an extent, do you think we’ll be able to let you go?” The bald man coldly exclaimed.

“That’s right. You know, our young master’s status is quite a precious one and the truth is, 3.8 million isn’t really a concern but since you dare make a move on the members of our Dragon God Clan, you’ve sealed your current fate!”

After the bearded man was done speaking, he squatted slightly next to Jack, and with a slight twitch of his foot, the dagger shot out of his hand. The blade morphed into a greyish glint as it flew directly toward Jack’s thighs.

Jack could clearly tell the man had no intentions to murder him yet or else, that blade would charge at him in a much more lethal way. This meant, he only wanted to torture Jack before murdering him.

“Is that all you got?” As fast as his speed was, it was incredibly slow to Jack’s eyes. He immediately reached out to grab his opponent’s wrist before giving it a gentle squeeze.


A crisp sound could be heard and the bearded man’s arm fractured from the wrist down. If it was not for his skin and tendons keeping it in place, it would have fallen on the ground already.

“Ah!” The bearded man’s dagger instantly fell on the ground. That intense agonizing pain caused his face to cramp. After a loud shriek, his entire body recoiled back.

Jack kicked the dagger with the tips of his foot which caused it to instantly shoot out and stab the bald man’s thighs as he was getting ready to attack.

“Ah!” The bald man cried out in pain and his expression looked extremely bitter in that instant. Shocking flashes could be seen at the corner of his eyes.

Not only was Jack’s speed incredibly fast, his movements were as fluid as flowing water. Anyone who could pull this off would be masterly skilled. It seemed he was able to clearly see through their every move.

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