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Chapter 271

“Hey, why do you always look so solemn and cold?” Tanya looked at the handsome yet persistent man. She could not help but laugh and asked, “Your wife was the beauty queen of Eastfield who was approved by all men back then. Come on, can you share with me how you trick this pretty lady into liking you? I only heard bits and pieces of your story. I don’t know much about you!”

“There’s nothing much to talk about!” Jack did not bother to entertain her. He set aside, smoking silently.

Tanya could not help but to roll her eyes toward Jack, “Such a lame person. In that case, can you tell me stories about the battlefield? Weren’t you on the battlefield for five years? Do you have any scars on your body?”

“Yes!” Jack smiled bitterly, “However, they’re all healed now. I don’t have any scars left, so, you can’t see them! But it doesn’t matter; I only wanted to survive and grow stronger back then. In the end, I did it!”

“You’re really good. Even Harley is no match for you.” Tanya laughed and said, “Too bad our head commander just went back to her hometown, otherwise, she would’ve challenged you if she knew about you!”

“Are you sure?” Jack frowned.

“it’s just a friendly competition! This lady loves exchanging skills with others. If she found out that an expert is here, she would for sure challenge you to a fight. Moreover, your pay is way much higher than hers; it is only normal for her to be interested in you!” Tanya chortled.

Right at that moment, Sonia walked in through the gate fumingly.

“Hey, what is she doing here? Isn’t she supposed to be at work?” Tanya frowned as she saw her.

Seeing Sonia heading straight to the door of James’ villa, Tanya’s curiosity grew, “Let’s go and see what’s happening. It seems like Miss Sonia is a bit angry. I wonder who made her so angry!”

Jack frowned when he heard that. Sonia picked on Selena last time. Could it be related to his wife again?

Soon after, they followed her. As soon as they reached the door, Jack could hear Sonia grumbling inside. He grabbed Tanya’s arm who was about to push open the door and pulled her back. Tanya blushed when Jack grabbed her. All her life, no man would dare to pull her hand like what he just did. Moreover, he was merely a bodyguard. What a bold guy.

She looked at Jack who had already loosened his grip. Jack was listening to what was happening inside. It seemed like he did not care about pulling her hand at all.

“Uncle, this new procurement manager is terrible! She ticks me off and she’s very arrogant! I worked my butt off to find her a suitable assistant, but she was being ungrateful and chased that person away. She even scolded me, saying that I’m flattering myself!”

“Guess what that lady did? She called her university mate over to interview. She’s abusing her power!” Sonia started to complain as soon as she saw James.

“she’s playing the victim now!” Jack sneered. He heard clearly every word that came out of Trevor’s mouth yesterday.

However, he did not expect Sonia to be so unreasonable. She even came here just to complain.
Fortunately, he was there listening to their conversation. Otherwise, she might slander his wife even more.

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