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Chapter 79

”How is everything? Should all of you move out? I don’t want to hear any answers other than ‘yes’!” Ken smiled coldly and said.

“Young Master Clark, let’s go!” Dennis’ face darkened. He walked in front of Ken and said in a low voice, “Hurry up and leave. If you don’t want the Clark family to disappear from Eastfield!”

“What… What’s happening?” Ken looked dazed. Was Dennis not a marshal? Why did he seem so afraid of Jack?

Dan Jameson, the top fighter of the Clark family, persuaded him to not provoke Jack. Unexpectedly, this marshal was also afraid and asked him to not offend Jack.

“Listen to me, otherwise, it will be the catastrophe of your family!” Dennis lowered his voice and reached at the side of Ken’s ears. He whispered something extremely serious before walking outside.

Ken was shocked. Dennis was a cream of the crop and the power of his status sent chills down the spine of many, yet he was afraid of Jack. “Could it be…”

Ken thought of a possible explanation. Jack had returned from the military, was it possible that this man hid his identity and his true status was actually more respectable than Dennis? If that was the case, Jack would at least have the status of God of War. These people had such great achievements on the battlefield no one dared to offend them.

“Ahem, I see that the house here is not a dilapidated house. Let’s go!” Ken coughed, turned around, and was about to leave with his people.

“Young Master, we… Are we leaving just like this?” The Clark family’s bodyguards were puzzled. They had no idea what Dennis said to Ken.

“Why are we not leaving? The quality of their house is not bad, it’s sure that we have to leave. It was a misunderstanding previously!” Ken smiled bitterly and explained embarrassingly.

The people from the relevant departments were previously aggressive. Now that they heard these words, they were stunned. What did…did Jack and Dennis talk about inside.

“Wait, Young Master Clark, it’s not so good that you come and go as you please!” However, Jack unexpectedly smiled indifferently at this moment and stopped the other party.

“Jack, what do you mean? I cannot change my mind and don’t have the intentions to build a retirement home now? Or you want to invite me for a meal and tea?” Ken, who was already feeling shameful, turned his head around and looked at Jack angrily.

“I’m afraid that you must be dreaming if you think that I would invite you for a meal!” Jack chuckled and then said, “Come here, kneel and apologize to me. Otherwise, how can you leave so easily. If I let you go so easily, what should we do if you are in a bad mood again and you would come over to demolish our house some other day?”

“Kneel and apologize? Jack, you must be crazy. I am the Eldest Young Master of the Clark family, the future Master of the Clark family. Do you think it would be possible for me to apologize to you?” Ken Clark laughed. So many people were looking at him, it was impossible for him to kneel and apologize. Otherwise, he would not have the dignity to leave his house in Eastfield later.

“Are you sure?” Jack stepped forward, stared at him and his facial expression was cold.

At this moment, Ken also thought about what Dennis had told him before and his facial expression instantly turned hard to look at. Did this Jack really have the ability to make the Clark family disappear?

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