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Chapter 43

“On top of that, Jack is the one who put you in this position but you’re still siding with him. I really don’t understand how you think,” Ben continued to speak on Xena’s behalf.

“No matter what, we have a marriage certificate. We’re legally husband and wife so we’re a family! You’ve said it yourself, Xena has yet to marry you. We’ll only be a family in the future, not now. So she should not butt into our family’s business right now!” Selena was still up in arms about it. It seemed like she was prejudiced toward Xena.

“I don’t care, it’s your happiness anyway. If you’re willing to marry a soldier, a useless man, we can’t do anything about it! Aren’t you the cause of where you are today? If you didn’t do such a stupid thing back then, you would’ve been the chairman of the Taylor Group by now! The beautiful chairman is no longer who she was, what a shame!” Xena said while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“If you don’t want to care, shut up!” Jack said coldly after seeing how she was treating Selena.

“You…” Xena was so angry that she began breathing heavily. Her expression was horrible.

“You bastard, you got our family into this mess and not only are you not apologizing, you’re pissing my lady off. You’re asking to get beaten up, aren’t you!” Seeing what was happening, Ben, who was usually protective of his girlfriend, walked over and clenched his fists. He threw a punch at Jack.

“Ben, are you nuts? No matter what, he’s still your brother-in-law. He did not do anything wrong back then. We were both drunk…” Selena was now pissed seeing that Ben wanted to start a fight.

Meanwhile, Jack bent backward in the face of Ben’s fist. He easily avoided the attack.

“I don’t believe this!” Seeing that he did not hit Jack, Ben got up and aimed his fists at him again. Unfortunately, his attack was nothing for Jack. No matter how he tried, Jack looked like he knew where Ben was trying to hit him and avoided it every time.

“Goddamnit, if you’re a man, stop avoiding my hits. What kind of hero are you if you’re avoiding my punches!” Ben was panting after throwing a few empty punches. He stopped and put one hand on his waist while pointing a finger at Jack with the other.

“Seeing that you’re Selena’s brother, I don’t want to hit you. Otherwise, you’d be on the ground by now!”

“Seeing how you are right now, you must not be big on exercising. With a body like yours, you would’ve been dead a hundred times over at war!” Jack said coldly.

“I…” Ben was pissed, but remembered that the guy standing in front of him had spent five years at war. How could he beat that?

Ben clapped his hands and said, “I’m not going to waste my time on a boorish fellow like you!”

Ben turned around to see the cash-filled bag and asked excitedly, “Mom, where did the money come from?”

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