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Chapter 37

In regards to that, Fiona stopped for a moment and said, “Of course he can’t do it. If he can’t bring us the betrothal gift, my son-in-law might end up changing into either Young Master Wilson or Young Master Clark!”

Jack pulled Selena back when he saw her urge to argue with Fiona. “Forget it, Selena. Mum is right. You are indeed a wonderful woman. I won’t let you down on grandfather’s birthday! You’re my woman and nobody can take you away!”
Seeing Jack’s determined gaze, Selena’s anger disappeared as warmth lled her instead. She nodded shyly and said, ”I believe in you. I heard that the battlefield was very dangerous and many died, but you stayed there for ve years and survived. You must be better than others.”

Fiona’s face turned sour upon hearing those sweet words. She quickly reminded Selena, “Selena, I told you not to fall for his sweet-talk. He won’t be our son-in-law if he can’t give us 10 million worth of betrothal gifts. You must not allow him to touch you until then, alright?” Speaking of that, Fiona looked at Kylie and said, “I didn’t chase him out of the house just for Kylie’s sake. We’re kind enough to let him live with us temporarily! ”

“Grandma, why does daddy want to touch mummy? Is he beating mummy up? Daddy, you cannot beat mummy up, okay?” Kylie, who was only a little over four years old, looked at Fiona with a confused expression. It was obvious she seemed a little bit anxious!

“Kylie, that’s not what it means. How would daddy have the heart to beat mummy up?” Jack was embarrassed when he heard what Kylie said. Immediately, he carried her and walked into the room. “Let’s go, it’s time for you to sleep. Daddy will tell you a story later, alright?”

“Alright! Mummy, daddy is going to tell me a story!” Kylie squealed to Selena excitedly.

A comforting smile appeared on Selena’s face as she saw Kylie beaming back at her. After Jack carried Kylie into the room, Selena started saying to Fiona, “Mom, you can see that Kylie must have her father by her side. Kylie likes Jack a lot. After all, blood is thicker than water. I’ve made up my mind; I will stay with Jack even if he can’t give us 10 million dollars!”

“My daughter, are you stupid? You have to think about Kylie’s future. All the other children can attend good schools, enjoy the best education, play with expensive toys, and wear nice clothes. Kylie is so mature despite her young age. Do you want her to suffer with you her entire life? I’m not only doing this for your sake, but also for your kid. What’s the point of staying with a bum like him? Are you going to be poor your whole life? A woman’s time is limited and we grow old quickly. You waited for him for five years. That was five years of youth! You cannot waste your youth like that again!”

Fiona started to persuade Selena. “You are already 25. You were 20 and immature back then so I don’t blame you. However, you have to know that men have more value as they grow older compared to women. You still have assets right now and are still young. The rich young masters are still interested in you. Do you think they will still be into you when you grow older and reach 30? It’ll be too late for you to regret then!”

“I won’t regret it!” Selena shouted and went straight back into the room.

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