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Chapter 35

“There’s so many of you and none of you managed to stop them? Didn’t anyone fight back? Did you just sit back and watch them wreck the place?” Looking at his men standing there, Michael was furious. “Did I hire you for nothing?”

“Young Master Wilson, it’s not that we didn’t fight back or stop them, it’s because we didn’t dare to fight back!” The manager did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Jack wasn’t the one who did this. It was Miss Tanya Drake’s men.”

“Tanya Drake?” Michael gulped when he heard the name. “That girl. Why did she come here and wreck our place up?”

“Ah, she passed by our restaurant, thought it looked nice, and wanted to come in for a meal. After knowing what happened, she defended them and said we shouldn’t blackmail them. After that, she wrecked the place! The most important thing is that she let Jack and the others leave without having them pay. She also warned us not to bother them anymore!” The manager sighed. “In the end, Jack and Miss Taylor owe Tanya a favor. Before Miss Taylor left, she wanted me to tell you that you’re not the reason they didn’t have to pay as it was because Miss Tanya let them skip paying the bill. So…”

“Damn it!” Michael angrily stomped his foot. What did Selena mean by that? It was obvious. She was telling him to say goodbye to tonight’s date. “I lost what I just happened to get!”

Raging, Michael sat down on the floor. He was not reconciled. What rotten luck. He had almost succeeded but ended up meeting with the nosy Miss Tanya.

At that moment, Jack and the others were already on their way home.

“Thanks to Miss Tanya’s kindness, we got to vent our anger today!” Hand carrying several bottles of wine, Fiona said that with a smile. Jack and Selena’s hands were also occupied with several bottles too.

“Since the last time, I heard that Miss Tanya has a good personality. There was an old man who accidentally scraped her car but considering his age, she didn’t let the person pay a single penny.”

“Not only is she kind-hearted, but Miss Tanya is also very pretty too. She deserves to be rich!” Andrew was filled with strong emotions.

“You’re right. She’s very rich. Unlike us, we can hardly dine out, yet we almost couldn’t leave!” Fiona was smiling, inadvertently taking a glance at Jack who was beside her. Her expression instantly turned cold. “It was all someone’s fault for acting like a rich guy when he had no money. If we had the money, would we have to suffer this kind of treatment?”

Joan was not pleased to hear that. Fiona used to make lots of sarcastic remarks before Jack came back. However, she could endure it back then. Now that Fiona was criticizing her son in front of her, she could not hold back anymore. She said, “My son’s mother-in-law, you can’t phrase your words like that. You can’t blame Jack for this, right? How is it possible that a meal would cost four million? It’s obvious that person was blackmailing us. No matter how rich we are, we shouldn’t have had to pay four million, right?”

“you’re putting it in such a way as though Jack would pay if it was 400,000!” Fiona let out a contemptuous smile.

“If they didn’t blackmail me, I would have paid 400,000 for a meal.” Jack calmly replied.

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