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Chapter 27

However, Selena had never responded to him let alone given him chances. Who would have thought that this person would use cheat in order to see her for once this time.

“Okay, I’ve said what I should say. My parents are still waiting for me downstairs! That wine should still be billed as 20 thousand per bottle and the total should be four hundred and eighty thousand. We will take away the remaining eighteen bottles that we have not opened!”

Selena said her last words, turned around, opened the door, and prepared to leave.


Just as she was about to open the door, Michael stood up. “Selena, do you think that the useless brat will have enough money to pay for a four hundred and eighty thousand bill?”

“I believe that he will be able to come up with the money. Although he is not as rich as you, but, at least he will not lie to me!” Selena said coldly.

”Selena, I’m sorry. You thought that I’m joking just to see you?” Michael had already become flustered and red, and his eyes looked fierce. “This time, if you don’t pay four million and eighty thousand, don’t think about leaving!”

“You…” Selena had never imagined that Michael, who was always weak, would say such a thing. She turned around and looked at him, her face was filled with the color of disbelief.

“Selena, I don’t have the patience to wait. I already have a crush on you for five years, and you have not given me any chance! Tonight, if you don’t pay for the bill, your husband will have to die here. Oh yes, your parents and your daughter are also downstairs, right?”

“Although I can spare them in the name of Taylor family, however, beating them up should be fine, right? After all, the Taylor family will not dare to offend the Wilson family because you’re just a third-class aristocratic family!” Michael smiled coldly paced toward Selena. “Selena, I have no choice. I wanted to win you with my sincerity, but you did not give me a chance, so I can only resort to this!”

“Michael, you bastard. I really have had the wrong idea about you. Before today, I thought, apart from being lustful, you’re not a bad person after all. I even thought that we could be friends! I have never looked down on you because of your body size… I can’t believe you’re this malicious!” Selena’s eyes were bloodshot and she stared straight at the other person.

“Selena, you should not talk to me with this attitude, do you know that?” Michael smiled coldly again. “Now, you guys are the ones that spent that much money in my restaurant and you guys want to eat for free. It’s four million and eighty thousand, do you think that I’ll allow you all to leave if you don’t pay?”

Selena frowned even more. At the beginning, she thought Michael was just joking with her, that he deliberately asked her to come upstairs to just meet. She had no idea that Michael Wilson was really digging a hole for her!

“Spit it out, what do you really want? I believe that you’re not the kind of person who needs that money, right?” Selena was silent for a few seconds before saying.

Michael stepped two steps forward and held Selena’s waist in one swift move, “You’re smart, you have answered it correctly!”

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