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Chapter 25

After all, the Taylor family still had some influence. Perhaps using the Taylor family’s name would work.

As soon as the manager heard this, he immediately waved his hand to order everyone stop and said with a smile, “From the Taylor family? You must be Selena Taylor. If that is the case, you may go beg our boss and see if this issue can be solved!”

“Who is your boss?” Jack immediately frowned when he heard this and he was a little suspicious in his heart. Looking at this situation, it seemed that the other party knew that Selena was here and this was them deliberately causing trouble to Jack and the others.

“Young man, you have no right to know who our boss is!” That fat manager laughed again before saying again, “Miss Taylor, our boss is inside. You should go talk to him. I believe he might let today’s issue go for you!”

“Oh… Okay!” Selena frowned and could only force herself to agree.

There were so many people on his side, while she, except Jack who had served the military, only had old and weak folks. She did not want this matter to escalate. What would happen to Kylie if they got into a fight? What should they do about her parents and Jack’s mother?

“I’ll go with you!” Jack was a little worried and said immediately.

“I‘m sorry but my boss did not say that he would meet you, hence, you cannot go in. Besides, we heard about you. You are just a son-in-law who married into the wife’s family. You can’t even be considered as one of the Taylor’s family. As an outsider, you don’t qualify speaking with our boss!” The restaurant’s manager laughed coldly.

“Really? Let’s see if you can stop me then!” Jack’s face darken and a scary aura of killing oozed out of his body. It caused people to feel like the surrounding temperature had suddenly dropped a few degrees.

Selena was frightened when she saw what was happening. She was afraid that Jack would cause any trouble so she immediately turned around and said to Jack, “What do you want to do following me? You just need to wait for me here, I will come out in a short while!”

“But, I am worried that you will be in danger…” Jack frowned.

“Nothing will happen, what could be dangerous? I will go and ask their boss to see if we can return these 18 bottles that we did not drink. After all, I am Zeus Taylor’s granddaughter. They won’t dare to act recklessly!”

Selena smiled bitterly and said to Jack again, “You just need to wait for me here.”

“Alright, I’ll only give you five minutes. If I don’t see you coming out after five minutes, I’ll barge in!” Jack saw Selena’s begging look in her eyes and could only nod. He did not want Selena to worry for him anymore.

Furthermore, he did not want to injure anyone with Kylie around. It would not be good if it was seen by Kylie and caused the child to be frightened.

“Ok!” Selena nodded before walking inside with the fat man.

They walked deeper into the restaurant and went up to the second floor before coming in front of a private room’s door.

“Our boss is waiting for you inside. Don’t have to be afraid, I’m sure you know our boss. Go in and have a chat with him and the four million bill today might be waived!” The manager smiled and stood in front of the door to keep watch.

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