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Chapter 204

Jack stood up and let out a deep breath. He then reached for a cigarette and slowly lit it, taking a puff. However, his brows soon curved into a frown, feeling the gaze from the crowd turning abnormal.

“I-i-isn’t he a soldier that kills enemies? Isn’t he a fighter? Does he know anything about medicine?” Finally, one of the aunties asked slowly.

“How can he know anything about medicine? Killing and saving lives are two completely different things, okay? Furthermore, that child passed out. He’s not dead, is he?” An old man asked in a worried tone.

Hearing those words, Little Jake’s mother almost passed out from shock. She immediately glared at Jack. “What’s wrong with you? My son was just fine earlier. Why is he not moving now? Did you just kill him? Could it be that you knew my family is rich and think that 50 million dollars is too little?”

“No way?!”

A number of people from the crowd took a deep breath. If Jack really had such a thought, that would be too evil. 50 million dollars and he still finds it insufficient?

“Impossible. My husband is not such a person!” Selena immediately stepped forward, then confronted that woman. “If he wanted to kill your child, he wouldn’t have jumped down there in the first place. Saving him, then just to kill him? Isn’t that just redundant?”

Unexpectedly, that woman immediately grabbed Jack by the collar and shouted, “I don’t care. My son was doing just fine earlier. He was crying and could talk to others. Now he’s just lying on the ground, not even moving. I don’t care, I want my son to wake up right now!”

Selena was speechless. She then stood up for Jack. “Hey woman, why are you so unreasonable? My husband just risked his life to save your son. How can you think of him this way?”

“who knows if he jumped down for that 10 million dollars?!” The woman chuckled, then blabbered incoherently, “He must’ve seen me suddenly raising the amount to 50 million dollars and realized that I’m from a rich family, the super affluent. Now that he’s found me out, he feels that 50 million dollars was too little and wants more!”

“You crazy woman!” Jack’s expression darkened. “If I want more money, can’t I just ask you earlier? Why would I do something so redundant?”

That woman instantly lost all her bluster, feeling that Jack’s words made sense too. However, she did not plan to let go of Jack’s collar. She asked, “Then you tell me, do you have a medical license? Are you a doctor from a hospital?”

Jack was speechless. He smiled bitterly, “Although I have no medical license, nor am I a doctor, I have great medical knowledge. I know how to save people! Isn’t it sufficient to save someone?”

“look here everyone. He doesn’t even have a medical license. How can he prove that he can save people? He’s not even a doctor yet he dares to simply touch my son. If my son is dead, I’ll never let him go!” The woman laughed out loud, then stated in a loud voice, “Everyone here should be my witness. This kid is greedy beyond measure. I’m sure it’s because he thinks I’m underpaying him!”

Jack looked at her impatiently, then moved his cigarette to her arm.

Upon seeing that, she was alarmed and immediately let go of Jack’s collar then took a few steps back. “Kid, what do you want? You son of a b*tch, are you trying to burn me?”

Jack adjusted his own collar, then sneered, “Burn you? if you knew whose collar you were holding on earlier, you’ll be deeply regretful! I saved a life out of kindness, yet you look down on me like this?” Finishing his statement, Jack took another puff of the cigarette, then continued, “Your son was merely unconscious because it was too painful to bear. His leg is all better now. It’s still a little swollen at the moment. When the time comes, just apply some anti-inflammatory medicine and painkillers will do. You can even skip the trip to the hospital and get them from the pharmacy!”

“W-w-why should I believe your words?” The woman maintained her fierce stance, “I’ll wait for the people from the hospital to come and make an examination! Moreover, my son is still unconscious. How do I know what’s happened?”

“If you want to wait, then wait here yourself. Don’t waste my precious time. I’m enjoying the day with my daughter and wife. My time is very precious!”

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