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Chapter 202

The crowd was extremely anxious. Quite a number of them exclaimed in terror. They all thought Jack would surely die. If it was one tiger lunging at him, Jack might be able to struggle for a moment. Although it was useless to struggle, it was still better to face them one on one.
However, with two tigers coming from both sides, anyone else would only be met with death.

Unexpectedly, the next instant stunned everyone. All of them almost have their eyes popped out of their sockets from the surprise.

Both the Siberian tigers that lunged at him were held down to the ground with his hands on their head.

The tigers bellowed deeply and struggled with all their might. However, it was to no avail. Jack’s strength pressing down on their head had them fully pinned down, unable to escape.

The Tigers continued to struggle. Their hind legs were kicking so much to the point of digging two pits behind them, yet it was of no help.

At that time, two zoo employees finally arrived at the scene. When they opened the metal gates, the sight they saw had them shocked to the core.

“Oh my god, am I seeing things?”

“Yeah. Is this man that strong??”

The two employees immediately rushed over and carried the child.

Although the two tigers were running low on strength, they still continued to roar in anger.

“What now? The tigers are angry. At this rate, even if he releases the tiger, we can’t calm them down and stop them from hurting people!” One of the guys asked nervously.

“You guys carry the child and go out first. Lock the door properly!” Jack turned around and instructed the two employees.

“Wait here brother. Just hold out a little longer. I’ll go get the tranquilizer gun!” The other employee immediately suggested.

“That’s right. If the tigers were not angered, they would still obey. Normally we’re the ones to feed them, so…”

“However, in this situation, if you let go, they will surely attack…” The other employee interjected.

“You both really talk a lot. If not because these Siberian tigers are protected animals, I would’ve killed them with a punch each! Get the child out of here and lock the door!” Jack stated sternly.

“Brother, w-w-what about you?” One of them was deeply touched. What a great man that was willing to sacrifice himself to save a child.

Moreover, in order to ease their worries, he was lying about his ability to kill the tigers in one punch. Such a nice person was really rare to come by.

“Go!” Jack yelled.

The two employees finally carried the child out and brought him to his mother on the stone bridge.

“Jake!” The woman hugged her son and burst into tears once more. This time, it was because of joy.

She quickly remembered something, then looked at the man holding the tigers by the head down there, feeling extremely touched. “Little brother, what about you? You must stay alive! I still need to repay your kindness!”

“Sigh, it’s already lucky enough that he managed to hold the tigers down by their head. Unfortunately, good people don’t live long!” said a guy from the crowd.

“The two employees are off to get the tranquilizer gun. Little brother, hold out a little more!”
On the bridge, others were cheering Jack on.

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