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Chapter 176

“Pa!” Just as Neil spoke, he was slapped hard by the master of the Hugo family, Roy Hugo.

Jack rode his electric scooter with Selena in tow. They returned home early.

“Since I have a day off tomorrow, let’s register Kylie to a kindergarten!” Selena got off the scooter and said to Jack.

“Okay, I’ll take a day off as well!” Jack replied with a smile.

“Really? You’ve only been working for two days. With that high salary of yours, did you apply for leave in advance? If you don’t, what if the Drake family gets angry about it?”

Selena heard what he said and frowned as she continued. “On top of that, your daily salary is pretty high as well so it must be costly to take a day off.”

Jack paused for a while and replied, “That’s probably not the case. I’ve told them that I’ll only go over when I’m free. If they’re going to take a day’s salary off my wages for resting, I’ll just quit the job!”

Selena was left speechless. She glared at Jack and said, “With that kind of salary, how could you quit just like that? I don’t want to hear others saying that my husband is a useless man I’m taking care of!”

“I was joking. However, looking for a kindergarten for Kylie is a big issue. Since you have a day off tomorrow, of course I must come with you!” Jack laughed, walked over, and hugged Selena by her slim waist. “After we register her at the kindergarten in the morning, we’ll bring Kylie to the playground. Kylie’s already so grown but she has yet to go out with us both!”

After hearing that, Selena nodded shyly. She was blushing.

“Selena, you’re so cute when you’re shy!” Jack hugged the beauty in his arms tighter.

“Mom, they’re home!” At this very moment, Xena came out of the house and saw Jack with Selena. She yelled in the direction of the house moments later.

Selena was terrified. She broke out of Jack’s embrace and her face was so red that blood could drip off her face.

Fiona, Andrew, and Ben came out of the house soon after that.

Fiona, who was ahead of everyone else, had a dark expression on her face. She said angrily, “Jack, what’s wrong with you? You keep stirring trouble everyday!”

“Mom, what happened? Jack was working today, what did he do?” Selena was left speechless for a moment as she impatiently replied to her mother.

“Working?” Fiona was stunned for a while before sneering, “You should ask him then, was he working today? This fellow is a bastard. If you had the means, I, Fiona Lewis, wouldn’t even bat an eye if you had a few wives, just as long as Selena was okay with it. However, you don’t have the means and you still went out to see another woman on top of stirring trouble? Are you even a human being? How could we still accept you into the family?”

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