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Chapter 155

“Who is that, young master?” One of his lackeys looked at Jack. He had no clue who Jack was.

“That was the bastard who beat me up last time. Goddammit, I can’t let him get away this time!” Neil was incredibly furious as he told that to the man next to him.

“This is an auction house, young master. It’s not appropriate to fight here!”

The man immediately advised him. He then said, “Although I’m powerful, it would mean I’m disrespecting the boss of this auction house if I were to cause a scene here!”

“You?” Neil looked at the man in a suit. Since his father had hired a few bodyguards for him recently, he could not help but chuckle coldly and say, “You should forget about it. You’re no match for him. I employed about 20 ruffians back then and they were all still no match for him!”

After he was done saying that, he immediately continued, “Let’s do it this way, you can go out there and get me 50 to 60 people. Look for people under Old Roger. Although they are more expensive to hire, they are quite powerful. Some of them are also quite ruthless. Money isn’t a problem as long as I can take care of him!”

“But young master, we can’t actually fight here!” The middle-aged man had a helpless look on his face.

Neil was speechless for a moment before he furiously glared at the man. He said, “What’s wrong with my father to hire an idiot as my bodyguard? I wasn’t asking you to beat him up here, right? All I’m telling you to do is to look for some people who will wait for him to get out of the auction house so that we can take care of him somewhere else!”

The middle-aged man had a very bitter look on his face. However, all he could do was nod as he said, “Fine, fine. I’ll get to it now. As for the money though…”

“I’ll transfer it over to you right now but those ruffians shouldn’t cost that much. Give them a few ten thousand dollars to a million and that should be enough. I’ll transfer four million to you first.”

Neil swiftly took out his phone and transferred the cash over to him.

The man took a glance at Jack and silently thought just how unfortunate it was for him to have crossed the vengeful Neil Hugo. He would have rather Jack crossed anyone else but him.

It was only after the necessary arrangements were made that Neil looked for a seat on the side.

Aside from the Hugo family, there were also several more second-class aristocratic families who came to the auction.

However, the boss of the auction house did not even bother to inform the third-class aristocratic families like the Taylor family about it as a third-class aristocratic family would be unwilling to spend on a treasure like this even if they came.

Besides, this luminous pearl was a special pearl. It had the effects of extending one’s life and aiding one’s sleep. Therefore, it could be considered a very rare treasure.

Of course, aside from the second-class aristocratic families, even some wealthy merchants rushed over when they received news about it.

They were interested in witnessing such a treasure. Since a natural pearl the size of a ping-pong ball was something they had never heard of before, they were here to see it for themselves.

“The members of the Young family are here!”

Soon, a wave of cheers roared out since even the Young family, a first-class aristocratic family, came.

To make a surface-level power comparison, the most powerful family in the entire Eastfield was naturally the Drake family.

However, aside from the Drake family, there were four other families who had similar power as the Drake family. They were called the Four Major Families by commonfolk. These families were all considered first-class aristocratic families. The Young family was one of the Four Major Families.

After both Jack and Lana heard the announcement, they turned around to look over. In that instant, both their eyes lit up. A young lady with slightly curly long hair that was dressed in a long white dress and holding onto an adorable bag appeared. She walked inside with a faint smile on the edge of her lips. Beside that, the young lady was followed by a few bodyguards. With a single glance, anyone would feel incredibly refreshed just by seeing her.

“It’s the lady of the Young family, Rue Young!”

After a wealthy merchant noticed her, his eyes lit up as he said, “In this younger generation of beautiful women, this young lady here could easily compete with Selena Taylor!”

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