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Chapter 152

“Yes, yes, yes. Now that we’re at peace, you guys should rest and loosen up a little!”

Jack cracked a gentle laugh and said, “Your Brother Abner sent me a text saying that he was too bored and gonna go on a vacation.”

“Really? When Brother Johnson returned, he was swarmed in his village by the people. I heard there are lots of people waiting to be autographed by him. Good lord, that scene though…” Lana laughed and said, “That’s right, Jack, what about you? Does your wife and the others know your identity yet?”

“Nope!” The hint of sweet smile could be seen on Jack’s face. No one had ever seen a smile like that back then. He said, “I don’t want to let them know about it for now. I’m afraid they might not be able to accept my identity if I dropped this bombshell on them. Not to mention, I wish to live a peaceful and undisturbed life.”

Lana lamented again after hearing Jack’s statement. She said, “Oh how I envy you. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have wanted this empty title or wished for it to be officially announced. Oh, how good would it be if I can live peacefully. Now, all of Daxia knows what all nine of us, the Gods of War, look like. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t even have to wear shades to go out!”

“I feel like you should be wearing a face mask. It’s not really safe just wearing a pair of shades.” Jack teased her as he looked at her appearance.

The truth was, when Lana’s car was parked in front of him, he actually did not recognize that it was his female disciple right away. It was only after he heard her voice that he realised it was her.

“Yeah, why didn’t I think of that? No, I have to put on a face mask later, especially in a crowded area. It’ll be bad if some random wealthy kid recognizes me!” Lana said immediately.

“Oh right, the place that you’ll be taking me to, what kind of place is it?” Jack asked after some thought.

“An auction house!” While Lana drove, she said, “I heard that someone has gotten their hands on a treasure. It’s a luminous pearl the size of a ping pong ball and is very special. If it’s placed on a bed frame, it can help in one sleep and there are even rumors that it can extend one’s life.”

“There’s an auction house in this city?” Jack frowned and said, “That luminous pearl is pretty big, right? We should take a look!”

“Yeah! Do you know what its base price is?” After thinking about it for a bit, Jack said, “We can bid for that thing since it’s the old master’s seventieth birthday soon and I’m still racking my head over what to get him!”

“Really? If you want to bid for it then do it!” Lana laughed. “The main purpose today is to bid for that thing. This auction house usually auctions famous paintings or antiques. Today’s luminous pearl is being auctioned privately and not many people know about it. They only informed some first and second-class aristocratic families and didn’t even bother with the third-class aristocratic families!”

“How did you know about it then?” Jack was surprised as he curiously asked.

“Best you don’t bring that up. Those random wealthy sons and all wanted to butter up to me. Did you know that as I was going out, I had just walked out the door when a few wealthy sons all came up to me with roses? These people don’t actually love me though, all they see is my connections and power!”

Jack said helplessly, “Best that you wear a face mask out later. Wear it like how the celebrities do or else you’ll be recognized.”

“Oh, how nice your life is. If no one knows who you are, you don’t have to worry about people bothering you when you’re walking on the streets!” Lana was envious as she looked at Jack beside her. She said, “You even had your long term plans all thought out!”

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