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Chapter 116

Jack took another sip of the wine, slowly.

“I’ve only given you ten minutes. It’s already a minute!” Sonia looked at the time again.

A smile on his face, Jack pulled out his phone and dialed the number Tanya gave to him this afternoon. He put the phone on loudspeaker mode.

An employee glanced at the number and exclaimed loudly. “He’s calling Miss Tanya!”

The call was soon answered. On the other end of the phone was heard the voice of Tanya. “Jack? Has something happened? Why did you think of calling me tonight?”

“Nothing happened, Miss Tanya, I just want to confirm something. Is my pay 20 million per month?” A small smile appeared on Jack’s face and he sipped the wine once more.

“Yes. What’s the matter? You don’t think it’s too little, do you?” Tanya was obviously a little puzzled on the other end of the line. “Don’t worry. During New Year, my grandpa said that we won’t miss out on your 20 million bonus. It should be enough if you don’t squander them, right?” she added.

Everybody else was completely shocked by Tanya’s negotiating tone. She not only sounded unassertive, but she has also asked Jack if the amount given was too little. My lord, how was this the way and the tone of speaking to a bodyguard?

“Oh, it’s not too little. I just wanted to make sure. Sorry for disturbing you!” Jack gently tapped on his phone screen, hung up the call, and raised his head to look at Sonia. “My precious Miss Neal, this is Miss Tanya’s voice, am I right? It’s 20 million, am I correct?”

Embarrassment was written across her face. Her head was buzzing loudly. A bodyguard had a salary of 20 million a month? What was wrong with this Drake family?

“Yes. It’s 20 million. I didn’t expect your salary to be so high!” Sonia squeezed a smile, awkwardly so. Her voice trembled.

As she looked at the glass before her, she immediately poured a full glass of red wine and lifted it. “My apologies, Jack. I underestimated you. For that, I’ll drink this glass as punishment!” she said to Jack. Sonia downed the wine in an instant, not waiting for Jack’s response.

Felicia applauded from the side and echoed, “Miss Neal sure can hold her liquor well!”

“I’m not sure if you could hold your liquor well, but I surely remember that you’d kneel before me and apologize. You didn’t forget about that, did you?” Jack spoke, and his lips curved into a smirk.

“Oh, our pretty boy. Miss Neal was just joking with you, so don’t take it seriously. Besides, she’s punished herself with all that wine. Why bother with a woman?” As she sensed the atmosphere had turned sour, Felicia instantly tried damage control by laughing it off.

However, Jack did not buy her effort. “Don’t use gender as a shield. When she was despising me a moment ago, she did not say that she’s a woman. C’mon, cough it up. If you can’t afford to lose, don’t bet with anyone next time!”

“You…” Sonia gritted her teeth; she was so angry that she almost passed out. With so many employees in the scene, she would not be able to raise her head high up before others for the rest of her life if she knelt before Jack. Moreover, how many people would talk about her behind her back?

Awkwardness blanketed the employees. Wordlessly, they looked at one another. No one stood up to defend Sonia, all because Sonia often abused her authority to bully them in the workplace. The thought that she was above everyone else was ingrained in her mind. Of course, Felicia—who always fought hard to please her—was excluded from the list.

Selena finally breathed a sigh of relief after she was avenged. “Jack, let’s not go deep into it. I invited everyone to dinner tonight, and then to karaoke. Let’s stop before everything gets worse. If you really make a girl kneel before you, it won’t make a good image of you as well.”

Jack finally gave in after his wife’s plea. He waved his hand. “Fine. I, Jack White, wouldn’t usually let things go, even if the God of War appears before me. However, I’m going to let it pass just because my wife asked for it.”

Selena’s face immediately turned red. Jack was Kylie’s father, and she really did not want her daughter to grow up without a father, so she had hoped for his return from the war. In fact, Jack and Selena were not close at all. If it were not for the kid, they would not be together. However, Jack treated her and her daughter well for the past few days. The sense of security that Jack gave them made her feel more and more that her five years of waiting for him to return was worthwhile.

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