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Chapter 114

“Yes, everyone should just enjoy the night. What can we poor people worry about for our manager!”

Felicia nodded and then asked Jack, “By the way, what do you do, Jack? Why are you so rich? Tell us about it!”

“I’m a bodyguard!” Jack smiled faintly and replied nonchalantly.

“Bodyguard?” Sonia burst out laughing when she heard that. “Hah! You can always claim to be a bodyguard to make it sound better while in truth, you’re just a petty security guard. Well, to put it in another way, you’re just watching the door! I guess you’re only being paid a few thousand dollars a month, yes? Now that your wife is earning one million a month, do you feel inferior?”

To this, Jack burst out laughing. “Miss Neal, are you confused between a security guard and bodyguard?” he spoke. “Security guards guard the door whereas I’m a real bodyguard!”

“Moreover, I took up this job because I don’t want my wife to feel like I’m not working,” he added. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be bothered to go for this job!”

“You’re talking too much for a supposed bodyguard. Your mentality is good. Oh, well… If you must make it sound better, bodyguard it is! I know that many of you who retired from the army ended up working as bodyguards. Can you make ten thousand dollars a month? Do you have a five-figure salary?” Sonia smiled as though they were chatting normally, but her words were thorn-filled.

“True, your wife is earning a seven-figure salary. If you have a five-figure figure salary, even if it’s 80 or 90 thousand a month, it feels no different from living off your wife, right? Besides, bodyguards don’t earn that much!” Felicia added.

“20 million dollars a month. I don’t know how many digits there are, but it should be eight digits, right? I’m not good at math, so I don’t know much!” Jack picked up the wine glass slowly and took a sip.

“My God! 20 million dollars a month?” An employee suddenly shouted in surprise. “Your salary is too high!”

“This is the first time I’ve heard of such a high salary!” commented another employee.


“Don’t brag about it,” she spoke as she dismissed the hype. “As far as I know, bodyguards in Eastfield aren’t paid as high as the others. The bodyguards who enjoyed the highest salary worked for the Drake Family. I’m their distant relative, so I know it well. The best Drake Family’s head of commander was only paid one or two million a month!”

Sonia then turned to Selena and sneered, “Manager, before your husband brags next time, I suggest that he better find out about the salary of a bodyguard first. It’s too outrageous and shameful to talk like that!”

“Supervisor, my husband’s salary is indeed 20 million dollars a month. This is what Miss Drake agreed personally. Although I feel that the salary is too high, I can’t refuse it if she offered such a high salary, right?” Selena smiled bitterly. It felt so surreal when she talked about Jack’s salary. Perhaps she should have waited for a month at the salary she received to make sure the payment would be finalized.

Sonia clicked her tongue. “I can’t believe that your husband is lacking a cultural background, Manager. He just doesn’t stop bragging. You’re a high-achieving student and a manager of the Drake Dynasty Real Estate Company. It’s bad that you even resorted to lying to cover up for your husband!”

Sonia smiled and desperately added, “I’ve been to the Drake residence several times. I’ve seen all the bodyguards there, except for those few powerful guardians who I’ve never seen all my life. I’ve seen them all but I’ve never noticed your husband!”

“Oh, I have only just started the first day at work today. It’s normal if you haven’t seen me!” Jack chirped. “Besides, you and I aren’t people of the same level. It doesn’t matter if you have seen me or not!”

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