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Chapter 112

“Really? That’s great. We’ve booked a private room with minimum spending of 200,000 dollars. Are you sure you want to pay for our dinner? In case we order more dishes, the dinner might cost around 300,000 to 400,000!”

A female employee’s eyes lit up when she overheard the conversation. She stepped forward and took the man’s business card eagerly. “Are you Sean Logan, the Assistant General Manager?”

“Yes!” he chuckled shortly. “My father is worried that I might not be able to handle the company on my own. I’m appointed as the assistant general manager while he’s the general manager!” Sean cracked a self-deprecating joke and asked, “By the way, who’s this beautiful manager?”

“Oh, this is our new manager, Selena Taylor!” the female employee replied casually.

“Manager, someone wants to treat us to dinner. Why don’t you two exchange name cards?”

Another male employee was equally over the moon. Why would they let go of such a big offer?

“That’s right. We should exchange business cards. That’s good etiquette to practice!” Sean was stoked as he nodded profusely.

Sonia was pleased to see the unfolding event before her. Sean was obviously trying to please Selena. After all, Selena was the sole decision-maker of procuring building materials. As a supervisor, Sonia could not make such a decision.

Had Selena accepted his kindness, it would tantamount to owing him a favor. Sean would probably visit them in the office within two days to discuss how they could strike a deal.

As the saying went, ‘Who receives the gifts, sells his liberty’, Selena would probably agree to procure building materials from him. Would that constitute bribery?

Sonia, then, took out her mobile phone secretly and then clicked on her camera app to record the situation. She could not wait to show the video to their general manager. It would be compelling evidence. Selena would lose her influence in the company if the scandal was exposed.

However, to her surprise, Selena smiled indifferently at Sean. “Excuse me, Young Master Logan, but this is our company’s dinner. I said I was going to treat them, so there’s no need to offer for us! Besides, you don’t have to give me a business card. You can talk to our company or our employees for work matters, and they’ll inform me!”

Sean’s hand stopped in mid-air, his business card still between his fingers. He wore an awkward smile on his face.

“Manager Taylor, I was just being friendly. It’s got to be fate that we meet here today. It’s no big deal to pay for your meal, right?” Sean explained himself desperately.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t like to owe another person favors!” Selena decided she would say no more after that and walked right through the door into the hotel.

The two security guards were completely dumbfounded. If they were someone that the rich second generation wanted to please, they would probably be able to afford to have dinner there, so they dared not stop Jack and the others. Instead, they made way for the rest to enter the hotel.

On the other hand, Sonia was speechless once more. She had planned to collect evidence of Selena accepting bribery, but she did not expect to see her being so righteous. The superiors might praise her if they found out about her righteous attitude. She put her phone away sullenly and walked into the hotel.

Sean sighed as he observed the people who had already walked in. “Why didn’t this new manager take my bait?”

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