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Chapter 109


“Which car is hers?” someone asked. “Why can’t I see it?”

“The person behind the electric scooter looks like the manager!”

The male employee pointed to the electric scooter slowly approaching the road shoulder.

“My goodness, it’s her! Who’s that man? Surely not her husband, right? There’s a flowery bag in front of her. Is her husband on his way to work and he dropped her off on his way?”

Felicia was surprised at what she saw. “Could it be? Didn’t you say that the manager’s salary is one million a month? With such a high salary, why does her husband need to work?”

A male employee frowned at her remark.

“You may not know but she’s the famous beauty, Selena Taylor. She was the one kicked out by the Taylor Family,” she added. “Her husband must’ve returned from the army!”

“Let me tell you something. Do you know why she rides an electric scooter? It’s because she has no money. Some time ago, someone saw her with her daughter picking up trash to sell. Who knows how she landed this million-dollars-a-month job. Besides, isn’t it at least one month away before she is paid the salary?” Felicia jeered and spilled out what she knew to the other employees.

“It’s impossible that she has no money. If she has no money, why would the manager invite us to a six-star hotel?”

The male employee concluded after thinking for a while. “I believe the manager must be rich.”

“If she’s rich, why doesn’t she buy a car? Why is she riding an electric scooter?” Felicia was still not convinced.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Anyway, it’s the manager’s treat today. It’s her business if she has money to pay or not. We just need to enjoy the night!” Sonia, who was standing aside, quipped.

After Jack and Selena found a place to park their scooter, they walked over together.

“Let me introduce everyone. He’s my husband, Jack! He just got off work, so he came to pick me up!”

Selena joined the crowd, smiling happily. “I’m really sorry to have kept everyone waiting!”

“Don’t worry, Manager. We just arrived not long ago!” a female employee replied cheerfully.

Sonia smiled at Jack. “This is the manager’s husband. I heard that he used to be a food delivery guy, right? It was only then he was enlisted on behalf of Young Master Taylor, right?”

Selena’s face darkened, but she managed to force a polite smile. “Wow, Supervisor, you do know a lot of things!”

“Heh, I do know a lot of things. I’ve also heard that our manager used to pick up trash a few days ago. How come you have suddenly become our manager? What an incredible change!” Sonia mocked. “You two are such a good match!”

“Manager, she meant it the derogatory way, not the other way around!” Felicia stepped forward and reminded Selena.

“Is it really? Oh, I’m such a fool. I thought it was a nice way to praise people. I’ve made a fool out of myself for not learning enough!” Sonia said with a smile.

“Pretty girl, did you brush your teeth today?” Jack rebutted coldly.

“Sure I did. Why?”

“Then why is your mouth so smelly?”

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