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Chapter 103

“Yeah, didn’t you tell me to arrange for it? I have arranged for a relatively popular private room, the minimum spending is only two hundred thousand dollars!”

“I have heard that as the manager, your monthly salary is one million dollars. You should be fine with it, right?” Sonia said with a bright grin.

“No way! The manager’s salary is that high?”

“Oh dear, did you book a private room? The manager is really kind to us. The minimum spending is two hundred thousand dollars!”

The other employees were all enlivened, some female employees were jumping with excitement. Judging from the situation, Selena was overcome with a ghastly feeling which reflected on her face. Two hundred thousand dollars as minimum spending. They would probably spend more than that for dinner. Besides, it was still uncertain how much they would be spending for the karaoke session.

She was furious and felt like giving an earful to Sonia. It was disgusting of that woman to have decided on Selena’s behalf without consulting her. Unfortunately, she could not do so. She knew well that Sonia was an old-timer and also a supervisor. She might have a few confidantes around. Had Selena scolded Sonia, it would not bring any benefit to Selena at all.

If they were to go to an ordinary restaurant, everyone would be deeply disappointed and even start calling her stingy. Therefore, she could not say that Sonia made a mistake either. It would not set things right for her.

“What’s wrong? Manager, didn’t you ask me to arrange for it? Is there something wrong?”

Seeing that Selena had not said a word for a long time, Sonia was happy with herself.

Selena got herself together quickly and then smiled as if she was unperturbed. “The Dynasty Hotel, right? Let’s go, it’s still early. I’ll give everyone two hours to go home and get changed or dress up. You can go back and get ready now!”

“Yeah! Great! Long live the manager!” The female employee that had the most exciting reaction before, shouted immediately.

“The manager is so generous. She is taking us to a six-star hotel for dinner. I have not met a leader like this in my life!”

“Yes, it’s the first time I have encountered such a good leader!”

The employees left for their homes one by one in excitement. They all agreed to gather at the hotel entrance.

Sonia, who stood by the side was completely stunned. She had never expected Selena to agree to it. The woman had not been working for five years, someone even saw her picking up trash before. They would probably need three to four hundred thousand dollars for the entertainment tonight. Can she afford that much money?

“What’s wrong? Supervisor, don’t you want to go back and put on makeup or something?”

Selena saw that Sonia was still standing there. She could not help but jeered in her heart and asked.

“Oh, I…I will go now!” Sonia replied and then left with the others.

“Supervisor, what’s up? This woman actually agreed! Does she have that much money?”

As soon as Sonia walked out of the company, Felicia stepped forward eagerly to gossip.

“I’m also surprised. Does she have so much money? Even if her monthly salary is one million dollars, she hasn’t been paid, has she? Where the hell does she get so much money from?”

Sonia knitted her brows together. “This woman is cunning. She must have known that I deliberately did that to embarrass her, so she didn’t want to give in. She played along to win the hearts of the people.”

“Yeah, if she had said that she did not ask you to book a six-star hotel, or told you to find a new place for dinner, the other employees would definitely be unhappy. She is very smart to have agreed to it as if nothing happened. She is not easy to deal with!”

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