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Chapter 99

“I’m clear. Once that famous doctor from overseas arrives in Greencliff, I will inform the Stewarts immediately and make sure he heals Young Master Stewart’s legs,” Steven immediately replied.

Joe’s legs were almost as good as useless.

The only person who could treat them was probably that famous doctor from overseas.

But this doctor apparently had a strange temperament and it cost quite a bit to arrange for him to treat Joe’s legs.

What made Steven unhappy was that the Stewarts wanted him to bear the cost.

Anthony Stewart didn’t say anymore. Coming to Greencliff personally over one mere William Palmer was already more than he should have done. He didn’t need to stay here any longer, so he went back to Fairbanks immediately.


Diane had reached the office and started getting busy.

All the company decisions were left to William. He had just started, but since he used to be an excellent manager, he found his feel for it very quickly.

Ethan wasn’t the slightest bit surprised by this.

Diane refused to let Ethan stay in the office because she said that he was a distraction.

Ethan had no choice but to go downstairs and have tea inside the security department’s office.

“Move aside! Move aside!”

There was a threatening voice at the door.

“We’re from the Ministry of Health and we’ve received a complaint, saying that Palmer Group’s manufacturing standards have issues. We’re here to check!”

Walter Gore stood at the door and flashed his badge quickly, then tried to push the security guards aside to go in.


Standing at the door were the twenty who had been eliminated from the fifty men.

They were now security guards for Palmer Group. This was their second test and their final chance, so nobody dared to be sloppy about it.

When he saw that Walter Gore wanted to rush in, the leader of the guards immediately blocked his way.

“What, a measly security guard dares to block us?” Walter Gore laughed coldly. “Or do you have a guilty conscience?”

He was discrediting them right from the start.

The security guards exchanged glances. It was hard for them to deal with this. They glanced over and someone ran to inform Ethan.

Walter Gore looked smugly at them when he saw that they knew what was good for them, and brought his men in.

He really didn’t care for a few security guards.

He thought about what Director Nixon instructed him. The least he had to do was to fine them, but when it came to how much to fine them, on the surface it should depend on the law, but in reality, that would really depend on whether Palmer Group knew how to behave.

He hoped that Palmer Group knew how to behave, then he wouldn’t have to go through all this for nothing.

Walter Gore and his men entered the lift and headed upstairs.

Inside the security guard office, Ethan was still sitting there and drinking his tea leisurely.

“Someone from the Ministry of Health?” He didn’t even look up. “What has our company got to do with them?”

“He said that we haven’t completed some business paperwork.”

Ethan laughed coldly.

How could this be?

This company was taken over lock, stock and barrel from Tom Foster, and everything was already in place. Ethan was always assured that Tom Foster did a proper job of everything.

So the only explanation was that someone had fiddled with the documents.

Or purposely got the authorities to make trouble for them.

“Alright, got it.”

Ethan nodded his head slightly and didn’t seem very bothered by this.

Diane just told him that morning that she would handle everything, so this girl was pretty strong headed.

But Diane wouldn’t be able to settle this one at the moment.

Ethan pulled his phone out and dialed a number. After just one ring, the other side picked up and sounded quite frightened.

“Tyson, how’s the ribbon cutting going? Fun?”

The other side didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

“I started this company because I wanted to contribute to Greencliff’s economy and donate to more schools and libraries, so why is someone making my life difficult now?”

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