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Chapter 98


“I’m referring to company matters. I’ll settle them myself, I can do it.”

Diane turned and her expression was resolute.


Ethan smiled and didn’t say much, but just nodded.

At this time at the Ministry of Health, in the office of the director in charge of food and drug safety.

There was one more person seated next to Steven Palmer. He was leaning against a sofa, smoking a cigarette and looking very snobbish.

“This new Palmer Group has left out so much paperwork but they dare to proceed with production. That’s irresponsible of them.”

The man seated on the sofa frowned, “Nixon, this matter is under your jurisdiction, right?”

“Stewart, you’ve come all the way to Greencliff just to talk about this?” Director Nixon looked at Anthony Stewart seated on the sofa and he couldn’t help but chortle.

The two knew each other for many years and were quite close privately.

Since Steven was around today, it was very obvious what Anthony Stewart meant to say.

“Of course not,” laughed Anthony Stewart. “I know you love drinking tea, so I’ve gotten you a batch of good tea. Since I happened to pass through Greencliff, I brought it over to you.”

He glanced at Steven and Steven immediately passed Director Nixon a box of tea.

Director Nixon’s eyes immediately lit up. He took the box of tea and tried to estimate how much there was inside by weighing it in his hands.

“We’re all old friends so why bother bringing anything. Are these tea leaves expensive? I don’t dare to accept it if it’s too expensive!”

His hands seemed to be refusing the tea.

“Oh no, it’s not expensive at all. I bought it from the village so it’s not worth too much,” Anthony Stewart said with a smile. “This tea is really delicious, so take your time to drink it.”

He then got up and Steven also got up. “I’ll make a move first. Come to Fairbanks when you have time, call me and I’ll make arrangements.”

Director Nixon got up and saw them out, then came back and closed the door. He opened up the box of tea and there was glee in his eyes. He immediately closed the box carefully and stuffed it into the lowest drawer of his desk. He picked up his phone and made a call.

“I’ve just gotten a complaint. Go take a look at new Palmer Group and see if they’ve not complied with any manufacturing laws. If you get solid evidence, you know what to do, right?”

The front half of these words weren’t important. The back half were pretty much instructions.

After hanging up, Director Nixon narrowed his eyes into a slit.

He wasn’t new at this. He kept one eye closed on some of these matters in the first place. But if someone caught any loopholes, then he would just make a few comments. Those who knew how to behave would be let off with a little fine or be ordered to make some changes.

As for those who didn’t know how to behave, there were plenty of ways to play with them.

He wondered if he should do something if the new Palmer Group had people who knew how to behave.

Steven walked out with Anthony Stewart and got into the car.

“So sorry that I had to trouble CEO Stewart to come all the way here.”

Steven was fairly polite.

As the second in charge of the Stewart family, Anthony Stewart was of very high standing as well. The fact that he had come personally to Greencliff showed the Stewart family stand on things.

“In all of Riverport province, nobody dares to offend the Stewarts.”

Anthony Stewart scoffed. He didn’t care for Steven’s bootlicking. He had heard such words countless times. Besides, he looked down on the Palmers.

They had actually allowed a cripple to snatch their most important assets. Didn’t they feel embarrassed about it?

“This is just the first round to beat William half dead. Later there will be many more rounds to beat him until he can’t even lift his head!” Anthony Stewart smiled coldly. “In order to deal with others, you have to use your brain and ride on others’ influence. Understand?”

He was only a little older than Steven, but he spoke like he was speaking to someone of the younger generation.

“Yes yes yes,” Steven nodded vigorously and politely replied, “Thank you for teaching me this.”

“Alright I’ll go back first. Nixon will take care of his side. Clear on what I asked you to do?”

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