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Chapter 97

That hard slapping sound made Gus Thompson and the rest want to make their move.

But they didn’t dare to because they were surrounded by thirty wolves.

Gus Thompson knew very well that if they made any move, then none of them were getting out of here in one good piece.

So Nicolas had to suffer this humiliation.

The five bright red finger marks on his face made Nicolas widen his eyes. He never thought that he would face such humiliation after returning to Greencliff.

He wanted to retaliate and even wanted to kill Tom Foster. But he couldn’t move at all now.

“Bring my words back. Don’t come back to Greencliff.”

Tom Foster scoffed. “There’s an order here that other people can’t afford to disrupt. Whoever sticks a hand in to try will get their hand chopped off by yours truly!”

He then turned and left.

When he reached the door, he used a casual voice to say, “As a small punishment for offending Big Boss, let’s break his last good leg.”

There was a blood curdling scream after he finished saying that.

Shortly after that, a truck meant for transporting pigs would drive along the highway and stop in front of the boundary marker of the next city and throw more than ten people covered in pig droppings out of the vehicle.

The truck drove away, leaving Nicolas and the rest wallowing in humiliation and shouting for help.


In just one night, Greencliff seemed to have gone through an earthquake.

All of the illegal circles had been washed cleanly.

There was a huge stack of documents on the governor’s office desk, all evidence against Rodney Davis and the rest. The governor only managed to beat his chest and exhale deeply at 3AM.

“Which amazing person managed to do what we haven’t been able to do for so many years in one night?”

He was sure it must be some big shot helping them secretly to settle this matter. But they could only watch and wait to see what happened next.

At least, Greencliff’s illegal circle would become more stable and orderly for the time being.

The governor was rubbing his temples when his secretary came in.

“You’d better rest early. You still have to attend two donation ceremonies at two elementary schools,” said his secretary with concern. “There are more and more businesses making generous donations recently, so this is a good thing.”

“That’s right, it’s a good thing. I hope more good things will keep coming.”

There were many people who couldn’t sleep that night.

Including Diane.

She lay on the bed. The dim light from the streetlamps outside the room shone through the thin curtains and into the room, and landed right in front of Ethan’s mat.

She continued staring at this man in a daze.

It had been barely two months since Ethan first appeared.

But the surprises and shocks he had given her in these two months had increased time and again, and each one was bigger than the previous one.

How many times had Ethan protected her?

How many times had he protected her parents?

Just like what he said, the two of them weren’t just her parents. They were his parents too.

What was that? Diane was annoyed. She hadn’t completely accepted him yet.

But at the same time, Diane suddenly felt that April was right. She wasn’t good enough for Ethan now.

How was he so outstanding?

She took a deep breath and for some reason, there was an additional pressure on her heart. She felt that she had to work even harder.

She didn’t know when she fell asleep. When she woke up, the fragrance of breakfast wafted in from outside the room.

“He’s so early!”

Diane glanced at the space beside her bed to find that the mat and blanket on the floor had already been put away nicely. It had been packed so nicely that nobody would believe that the person who slept there was a homeless man.

She washed up, changed, ate breakfast and it was time to go to work.

Diane didn’t speak much that morning. Or rather, she didn’t say anything at all.

She sat in the car and didn’t turn her head nor look at Ethan, as if she was purposely trying to draw the line between herself and Ethan.

“Next time, can you let me settle it myself?”

Diane finally spoke after a long time.

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