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Chapter 96

Tom Foster merely smiled faintly.

He looked at Rodney Davis as if he was looking at a pitiful dog.

“People outside of Greencliff don’t get any say about Greencliff’s illegal circle.”

Those were Ethan’s words, and Tom Foster quoted them word for word for Rodney Davis. “Where is Nicolas? I’ll go look for him now.”

He didn’t stop there. He called Brother Geoff over, and he broke Rodney Davis’s legs before leaving.

He still had a message for Nicolas and Gus Thompson.

The police came shortly after to arrest Rodney Davis and all his men. Evidence of all their illegal activity had already been placed on the desk of the higher ups.

In a villa in the mountains.

Nicolas had been recuperating here for several days now.

He was waiting for everything in Greencliff’s illegal circle to settle down and waiting to recover from his own injuries before going after Ethan’s life.

But before he could get to Ethan, Tom Foster appeared first.

Gus Thompson was instantly wary. The ten odd men with him were all strong fighters, and they stood in front of Nicolas.

“Don’t come here with a death wish!” Gus Thompson shouted, “You can have a taste if you dare to attack us!”

Tom Foster replied, “Oh really.”

The thirty men behind him were exuding a ferocious air.

They had just gone through so many big battles, flattening more than a dozen big players. But they were still full of energy and didn’t seem tired at all.

Now Gus Thompson and the rest felt the pressure even though the thirty of them were just standing there.

How could these people be so terrifying?

When did Tom Foster have so many strong fighters under him?

“Tom Foster, I’m surprised. You’ve hidden so many strong fighters, you must be very ambitious.”

Nicolas was still leaning against the sofa as he laughed coldly. “But if you want to use these people to twist our arms, I think you’re overestimating yourself!”

Tom Foster lifted his head to look at him.

“I’m here to bring you a message.

He calmly went on, “You don’t get to interfere in Greencliff at all!”

“How dare you!” Nicolas roared. “What are you even!”

“Of course I’m not anything. But my Big Boss said those words, so that’s a different story altogether.”

There was pride on Tom Foster’s face. “Besides, even though you offended my Big Boss, he didn’t have to bother himself with trash like you guys. But the brothers under him can’t take this lying down.”

Brother Geoff and the rest stood behind Tom Foster with vicious looks in their eyes, as if they were really frightening and malicious wolves.

They were going to tear Nicolas and his men to pieces.

“Your Big Boss?”

Nicolas and Gus Thompson’s expressions changed and they both asked at the same time, “Who is he?!”

Tom Foster stared at Nicolas. “The person who broke your arms and legs!”

“Ethan Hunt!”

Nicolas’s expression changed completely.

How could it be him?

He was just a man who married into William’s family and he was just a homeless man!

That was what Steven told him, so how could he be…Tom Foster’s Big Boss?

“This Steven is really vicious.”

Tom Foster ignored the look of disbelief on Nicolas’s face and sighed. “He even set a trap for his own brother. It’s a death trap no less!”

Nicolas suddenly felt fear in his heart.

He had experienced for himself how frightening Ethan could be. But he was even more shocked at who Ethan had turned out to be.

And judging from Tom Foster’s words, Steven knew about this long ago.

That bloody bastard purposely made him create trouble for Ethan and was trying to use Ethan to get rid of him!

“Get it now?” Tom Foster said. “Looks like you’re not stupid after all. So why did you think of coming to Greencliff to suffer?”

Nicolas looked up violently. “Tom Foster, don’t be too arrogant! And that Ethan! We’re definitely taking Greencliff, nobody else can have it!”

Tom Foster didn’t hold himself back at all. He slapped Nicolas hard on the face.

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