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Chapter 95

Rodney Davis was very happy now.

He had managed to suddenly accomplish what he couldn’t do for the past ten years within the past ten days, so he was feeling a little gleeful.

Now he called the shots in Greencliff.

Even if he had to listen to instructions from Fairbanks’s side, his own name was the one that resounded in this place.

“Bill Hale’s gone. Everyone who didn’t listen is all gone.”

Rodney Davis was sitting in his own headquarters, wearing a sleeping robe with a glass of red wine in hand and looked very happy with himself.

His face was all red and he had obviously gone through a fairly fierce battle just moments ago, and he was still wanted more. After all, he had coveted that woman he snatched from Bill Hale’s side for a long time now.

“Finding a large and stable boat in such circumstances was a really lucky thing.”

Rodney Davis closed his eyes and leaned against the sofa and relaxed.

Suddenly there was a loud sound as the main door was banged open and a figure went flying into the room with a yelp.

Rodney Davis’s expression changed slightly and he immediately dodged the figure that flew towards him. But the man had knocked the glass of wine out of Rodney Davis’s hand and smashed to pieces.

“Who is it!”

Rodney Davis yelled loudly, “Where is everyone! Come here right now!”

His men had come alright, but all of them had been kicked into the room. Everyone crashed hard on the floor, then fell into silence as they fainted.

Rodney Davis’s expression changed more dramatically.

He had nearly a hundred men outside and now everything had gone quiet.

When he saw Tom Foster saunter in, a cold glint flashed across Rodney Davis’s eyes.

“Tom Foster, do you know what you are doing?!” Rodney Davis roared angrily. “You’re waiting to die!”

Tom Foster smiled and walked over to the table to pour himself a glass of red wine. He took a sip and smacked his lips.

“I heard that your wine cellar has quite a lot of good wines? I’m taking it.”

“You…” Rodney Davis was furious. “Are you picking a fight with me?!”

“Oh no no,” Tom Foster shook his head. “This is just my side rolling you flat.”

He snapped his fingers.

After a series of noises, the entire place was soon completely quiet.

Rodney Davis was feeling numb.

He saw it with his own eyes. It was as if thirty wolves were ravaging the entire place, and nobody could stop them at all.

He could see very clearly that there were many whom he had seen before. None of them caught his eye a month ago, so what was happening now?

Rodney Davis sat on the sofa in a daze and his legs started trembling.

All of this had happened too quickly and he had no idea what was going on.

Tom Foster poured a glass of wine for him. “Drink it. It’ll be your last glass for the rest of your life. After you go to jail, you’d probably only get to drink pee.”

Rodney Davis’s lips twitched.

“Tom Foster, don’t be so quick to cut ties, sometimes the wind blows this way and sometimes it blows…”

Tom Foster slapped Rodney Davis, slapping the wine glass aside and red wine spilled everywhere.

“You think those bastards in Fairbanks can save you?” Tom Foster asked coldly. “They’ll die even faster!”

Rodney Davis clutched his face and glared fiercely at Tom Foster.

He never thought that Tom Foster would rise this quickly in such a short time.

He had gotten rid of Eli Howard and his brother and didn’t even have any respect for the people from Fairbanks. Now he had come right to Rodney Davis’s doorstep and was going to finish him off.

Who was behind him?

“I’m with the one who controls Fairbanks! Nicolas and Gus Thompson are both in Greencliff!” Rodney Davis clenched his teeth and sent his last threat out.

“You’ve offended them by crippling Eli Howard and his brother. If you touch me, they’ll kill you for sure!”

He had become a little hysterical.

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