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Chapter 94

Without their help, how could he have gotten rid of Bill Hale, his rival for so many years so easily?

But the uneasiness in Gus Thompson’s heart grew stronger and stronger.

He didn’t know why either. His strange fear and panic made him feel like a small animal before an earthquake was about to strike.

“Brother Nicolas, this Tom Foster isn’t simple, I think we have to formulate a plan first.” Gus Thompson seemed very cautious.

Rodney Davis had been going around killing off everyone and was unwilling to let them interfere. But now he told them to deal with Tom Foster themselves.

There was something very wrong with this.

And if Tom Foster was the one who thrashed Eli Howard and his brother, then it proved that this Tom Foster was no sitting duck and wasn’t easy to handle at all.

“Formulate a plan my ass!”

Nicolas’s arms and legs were in a cast. He clenched his teeth and said, “Boss didn’t give us a lot of time. We have to finish this off quickly and settle everything in Greencliff. I still have use for the men!”

He wasn’t going to stop until he crippled Ethan!

Gus Thompson didn’t dare to say anything else. He was only one of Nicolas’s men and didn’t have any power to make decisions. But he was much more intelligent and more sensitive compared to Nicolas.

Nicolas instructed him to get ready to attack. He had a maximum of three days to clean up Greencliff, otherwise things would get messy if other big players from Fairbanks came here too.

Gus Thompson accepted these instructions, but didn’t go looking for Tom Foster directly. Instead, he went to finish off a few other smaller players first.

It was early morning in the countryside and the air was especially fresh.

Ethan thought to himself that he could buy a piece of land here and build a bungalow. That way the whole family could live here and it would be great for their health.

The mud from the training course was all over the place, and the thirty who made it stood in front of him.

The other twenty were indignant, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Ethan had said that he only wanted thirty, so he didn’t want anymore than that.

If they wanted to try again, then they had to perform well in other aspects and wait for another chance.

“From today onwards, Geoff is number one, you are number two, you are number three…” Ethan went down the line. “All of you only have numbers and no names!”

Brother Geoff immediately became alert.

He was the first one to get through the entire course, and he had gone through a tremendous change.

“Thirty of you will be my Wolves!” Ethan declared loudly.

Brother Geoff and the rest instantly became excited. Ethan’s words had a strange sort of power that could make their blood rush through their bodies.


“Next would be your first mission.”

Ethan glanced at all of them and said without any expression, “Bathe, eat and sleep!”

Wolves always came out at night.

After they bathed and ate, the thirty of them slept for an entire day.

For the past twenty days, they had been pushing the hidden energy within themselves hard, refusing to rest even if they were tired.

Tom Foster felt a bit frightened when he looked at these thirty men in front of him.

Less than a month had passed, but these men suddenly seemed like strangers to him. It was like they were so strong and powerful that they seemed strange to him.

“Where’s Big Boss?”

Brother Geoff didn’t see Ethan around, and he was very excited.

This was the first time he was going to carry out Big Boss’ instructions, so he wanted to perform well in front of Big Boss.

“He’s at home eating with his wife.”

Tom Foster’s mouth twitched.

Spending time with his wife was the most important thing to Ethan. Tom Foster could arrange the rest.

“This is a small matter, so Big Boss doesn’t have to handle it himself.”

Tom Foster scoffed. “If you can’t get this small thing done, then you can get lost!”

All thirty of them instantly became serious.

They had only one mission tonight. They were to remove all obstacles in the illegal circle!

In one night!

That was the mission that Ethan gave them.


Tom Foster gave the order and all thirty of them disappeared into the night.

The night grew darker as a pack of wolves started appearing in the concrete jungle of Greencliff. But their prey hadn’t sensed anything yet.

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