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Chapter 93

“I don’t mean anything at all. But you should tell my Big Boss what you said to me earlier, that would make more sense.”

Tom Foster smiled and lit a cigarette for Ethan. “I’m just a subordinate and I can’t make any decisions.”

Rodney Davis’s right hand man’s expression changed immediately.

He recognized Ethan as the man who crippled Master Han and the Muay Thai expert on the spot that day during the boxing match!

He had only used one punch.

And he was actually Tom Foster’s boss?

What was going on?

“Spit it out. What is it?” Ethan glanced at him. “I give you one minute.”

“I don’t care who you are. You have one day to decide whether you’re going to follow my boss Rodney Davis, otherwise…” His expression turned cold. “…you will bear the consequences.”

“Sure, I got it.”

Ethan nodded.

He looked at Tom Foster and Tom Foster immediately understood.

A few men suddenly rushed forward and pressed Rodney Davis’s right hand man against the ground.

“What are you trying to do!”

“Anyone who obeys will benefit, while anyone who disobeys will die, right?! Can’t you tell what our decision is?” replied Tom Foster in a cold voice.

Then he was dragged away.

“Bill Hale has already met his end, and some others who didn’t agree have also perished,” said Tom Foster. “Rodney Davis is now very smug and feels that he’s now right on top and wants to control all of Greencliff’s illegal circle.”

Ethan didn’t reply to him on this matter. He calmly asked, “How many of them have passed?”

It was nearly twenty days now.

“Eight of them!” Tom Foster reported excitedly.

After he scolded them that day, all of them were motivated again and worked even harder.

Soon enough, someone got to the last stage, and they kept going through the stages faster and faster.

Today, eight of them had gotten through the full course.

“I just need thirty. You can make arrangements for the rest.”

Ethan threw his cigarette butt into the trashcan. “I’ll go over tomorrow and make sure they cherish this opportunity.”

Ethan then went back upstairs. Tom Foster knew what Ethan was implying and quickly went to the training facility.

After they heard what Ethan said, they all went crazy.

Even the eight who had passed through didn’t dare to be complacent at all.

Because they knew how much they had improved after going through everything, and this improvement was really incredible.

They wanted to become stronger, and just like what Ethan said, they wanted to become stronger than what they could imagine!

The rest of them were still fighting for the last 22 places.

At this time.

The man that Rodney Davis had sent to look for Tom Foster was now lying in front of him. His arms and legs had been broken and there were three large words written with a red sharpie on his face.

Fuck your mother.

Rodney Davis slammed a palm hard on the table. “Tom Foster is asking for it!”

“Humph, he probably doesn’t know that Nicolas is keeping a close eye on him, so he’s going to die sooner or later!”

Tom Foster had gone too far with Eli Howard and his brother and offended the folks from Fairbanks. Rodney Davis had given him a chance to live but he didn’t care for it and even insulted him in return.

“Boss, what do we do now? Tom Foster has that strong fighter by his side, so it’s very hard to settle this.”

They all remembered that vicious man under Tom Foster.

That man thrashed a Muay Thai expert with just one punch, so how could they go up against him?

“Tell Gus Thompson and let him settle it himself. Tell him that Eli Howard and his brother were beaten up by Tom Foster!”

Rodney Davis narrowed his eyes.

He had chosen to follow the people from Fairbanks, but he knew that he would get more this way. Nicolas would need a spokesperson in Greencliff’s illegal circle, and that spokesperson was going to be him.

He was using the influence and power of the people from Fairbanks to remove all the obstacles in his way, and had expanded tremendously.

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