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Chapter 92

More and more people met their doom over the next three days.

These were all those who publicly rejected the invitation to rely on the people in Fairbanks. Every single one of them met with a tragic end with no exceptions.

Some were still hesitating at first, but now they didn’t dare to think anymore and obediently followed suit.

Rodney Davis had never felt this good before. This feeling of being on top of everyone else really made him feel great.

He didn’t even need to do it himself. The men sent from Fairbanks were all great fighters.

He thought about how he would have met a terrible end by now if he had rejected this offer like Bill Hale did.

“Rodney Davis, who’s next?”

Gus Thompson was a little uneasy these few days.

Everything was going on smoothly, but for some reason, he kept feeling like something would go wrong somewhere.

Because Nicolas had been thrashed. Eli Howard also perished here. This place was like a huge tornado, and they were now getting closer and closer to it.

“Tom Foster.”

That was Rodney Davis’s answer.

All the various powers, both big and small, had made their decision. Just like he had said, anyone who obeyed would benefit, while anyone who disobeyed would die.

Besides Tom Foster, there was nobody else standing in the way.

Gus Thompson frowned slightly when he heard Tom Foster’s name.

He already knew that Eli Howard and Nicolas’s predicament had something to do with this Tom Foster.

“Don’t proceed for the time being,” said Gus Thompson.


Rodney Davis couldn’t understand. “We should strike when the iron is hot.”

They had brought along such highly skilled fighters, so getting rid of one Tom Foster shouldn’t prove a problem at all.

He had seen for himself how vicious these men could get.

Besides, he heard that Nicolas had come as well. That was a man who was even more vicious than Eli Howard.

“Don’t be in such a hurry.” Gus Thompson still shook his head.

He preferred to wait for Nicolas to arrange this matter himself and didn’t dare to decide for him.

“It’s too late though,” Rodney Davis snorted. Tom Foster had humiliated him so badly at the boxing match the last time, so how could he resist the chance to get back at him now? “I’ve already sent someone to send Tom Foster an invitation to join us.”

And it was an extremely humiliating sort of invitation.

Gus Thompson’s face darkened but he didn’t say anything. He just felt the uneasiness growing within his heart but he didn’t know what he was uneasy about either.

At this moment, Rodney Davis’s right hand man was sitting arrogantly in front of Tom Foster.

He turned his nose up slightly and calmly said, “This is your only chance, and I hope CEO Foster can cherish it. Anyone who obeys will benefit, while anyone who disobeys will die. My boss isn’t saying this for fun.”

“My boss is giving you a chance because we’re all people from Greencliff’s illegal circle. CEO Foster, you can’t always take and not give.”

Tom Foster merely laughed.

He calmly lit a cigarette and had a cheeky look on his face as he said, “Bro, there’s no point in telling me all this. Why don’t I take you to see someone?”

Ethan was currently inside Diane’s office.

He was leisurely making tea and eating cake.

Diane was so ridiculously busy, and he seemed too free compared to her.

“Excuse me, can you not agitate me in my own office like that?”

Diane really felt that she was working for Ethan.

It was fine if the boss didn’t want to work hard along with his staff. But he was now agitating her by behaving so leisurely in front of her. Wasn’t that being mean?

Ethan saw a message from Tom Foster on his phone.

He got up and laughed, “Alright alright, you continue what you’re doing, I’ll go take a walk downstairs.

At the little park near the Palmer Group office building.

Ethan sat on a bench facing Tom Foster and Rodney Davis’s right hand man.

“What’s the meaning of this? Why did you bring me to this sort of place to discuss business?”

Rodney Davis’s right hand man was obviously not in a very good mood.

During this short period of time, they had become the real leaders of Greencliff’s illegal circle.

As long as Rodney Davis’s side sent word out, everyone bowed down to them. Nobody wanted to offend anyone from Fairbanks, and nobody wanted to be wiped out immediately by those people from Fairbanks either!

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