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Chapter 91

Quentin Stewart had gotten this son late in life. He was over forty now and Joe was his only son, so he pampered him like no other.

Whatever Joe wanted, he would give it to him. If Joe made a mistake, as long as it could be settled, he wouldn’t even scold him.

Little did he expect Joe to nearly lose his life after just going to Greencliff to have fun!

Even in Fairbanks, nobody dared to touch his son. Who was it in Greencliff who had the gall to do this?!

When Gentry brought Joe back, he didn’t say anything, as if he was afraid of that person. But Quentin Stewart wasn’t afraid at all.

“Both of you. I don’t care who that person is, I just want him dead. That’s not difficult for the two of you, right?”

Abel Brockman and Cain Brockman stood in front of Quentin Stewart and shook their heads resolutely.

“Mr Stewart, the two of us owed you a favor, so we would like to leave you with a stern warning,” Abel Brockman spoke up. “Don’t offend this person. Young Master Stewart was in the wrong this time.”

They had repaid this favor now.

The two of them had come to bid farewell to Quentin Stewart. They couldn’t help the Stewarts anymore, otherwise before Ethan came for them, their hot tempered leader John Garrett would hack them to pieces. After they finished saying this, they left.

Quentin Stewart’s mouth flinched and he laughed coldly for a while.

“These ungrateful bastards!” Quentin Stewart roared.

They didn’t want to help him and even told him to give up? So Joe had been thrashed for nothing? Crippled for nothing? What did they take the Stewart family as?!

He thought that after making Abel Brockman and Cain Brockman owe his family a favor, they would be a valuable addition to the Stewarts. But now it seemed that they were completely useless. These two brothers were just useless cowards after all.

“Master Stewart, the heir to the Palmer family in Greencliff is here, he says that he has something to tell you.”

“Palmer family? What Palmer family?!”

Quentin Stewart was still angry. “I don’t want to see him!”

Who the hell thought he had the right to meet with Quentin Stewart?!

“He says this is concerning Young Master Stewart. He has information on the culprit.”

Quentin Stewart’s eyes narrowed. The culprit?

This boy from the Palmer family was the one who entertained Joe when Joe went to Greencliff, so he definitely knew who did this.

“Let him come in!”

Archie’s arms were both bandaged as he came in. After he respectfully bowed, he went straight to the point.

“Master Stewart, the person who hurt Young Master Stewart is Ethan Hunt, the son-in-law of William Palmer in Greencliff!”

He clenched his teeth and said, “He beat me up, and even declared that he was going to kill Young Master Stewart. If I hadn’t protected Young Master Stewart in time, he might have…”

“William and his family don’t have any respect for the Stewarts at all. He even said that if the Stewart family wasn’t hiding in Fairbanks, he would make the Stewarts disappear overnight!”

“My family is in part to blame for what happened this time round, so my father would like to express his apologies by giving you 30% of our company shares, and we hope that Master Stewart can give us a chance.”

Quentin Stewart could understand everything clearly with a few sentences from Archie.

The person who beat up Joe was Ethan, William’s son-in-law, while Archie’s family wanted to be an ally of the Stewarts.

And what Quentin Stewart needed to do wasn’t just to cripple Ethan, but to make sure William and family turned to ashes!


There was a storm in Greencliff’s illegal circle. Within a few days, so many things had happened. Bill Hale had been reduced to nothing. And this was done by Rodney Davis and the other bosses.

These few bosses had ganged up along with some strong fighters from Fairbanks to beat Bill Hale up without mercy. They took all his assets, broke his legs and threw him out of Greencliff.

There was a great uproar in all of Greencliff’s illegal circles all of a sudden.

Everyone knew that Rodney Davis and the rest had decided to follow the people from Fairbanks. They were now trying to prove their worthiness by helping these Fairbanks people to tidy up Greencliff’s illegal circles.

Rodney Davis had sent out word that anyone who obeyed would benefit, while anyone who disobeyed would die. Bill Hale was the first one to die!

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