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Chapter 90

With Ethan around, Diane and family wouldn’t run into any trouble. But Ethan had to train Geoff and the rest, so he couldn’t be with Diane all day.

Ethan didn’t object. This was necessary. It was one of the reasons why he was training Geoff and the rest. Ethan didn’t say anything. He finished his cigarette and got into the car to leave.

He wound down the window and calmly remarked, “Tom, these guys you groomed are really not worth much.”

Ethan then drove off.

Tom Foster gulped. He knew what Ethan meant. He started to run and yell at Geoff and the rest.

“Can you be even more useless than this? What an embarrassment! You guys have embarrassed me again!”

“It’s been freaking half a month now and not a single one of you has passed through the whole thing yet? What a bloody slap in my face! My face is all swollen already!”

“Geoff! Are you going to make it or not? If you can’t then get out of there! Fuck it, I’ve given you a chance for nothing!”


Steven’s expression was extremely nasty.

He thought that if Nicolas went there himself, then even if the entire family didn’t die, at least one of them would be crippled, and they wouldn’t be able to continue their business.

But to his surprise, William and Diane went to the office as per normal today, and they were in one good piece.

On the contrary, he hadn’t heard anything from Nicolas.

“You said that Ethan even dared to hit Joe Stewart?” He looked at Archie and asked this question.

“He hit him, and hit him really hard. Harder than when he hit me! I think he’s probably crippled or something now.”

Archie could still feel a chill in his bones when he thought about it.

The moment he thought of Ethan’s face, he would feel that his entire body was trembling. That fear he felt seemed to come from deep in his bones, and it refused to go away.

“Then what happened to Joe?”

“Someone took him away.”

Archie’s tears streamed down his face. “Dad, let’s not offend Diane’s family anymore, I’m really scared…”

He had been hit so hard by Ethan that he was terrified now.

That lunatic dared to hit anybody. Ethan didn’t even let the heir to the Stewart family in Fairbanks off at all, and Archie was worth even less.

The thing that made him even more upset was that Archie was the one who had chosen this lunatic from dozens of applicants. He had taken the time to really choose the best person to become Diane back then.

Steven slapped his son. “You useless thing! How did I have such a useless son! Diane has snatched away these things from us so I’m definitely taking it back! I’m not just going to take those things back. I also want what she has, including her life!”

Steven’s face was at its most threatening stage now.

Now everyone in Greencliff was saying that his Palmer family was going to collapse while William’s family was on the rise and that Greencliff had only one Palmer family! How could he take this lying down?

“Go to Fairbanks right now!” shouted Steven.

“Dad, whatever for?”

Archie shook his head. He didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to go anywhere and only wanted to hide at home.

But Steven’s face was so threatening that Archie dared not say what he was thinking about.

“Go to the Stewart family!” Steven laughed coldly. “Tell the Stewarts who beat up Joe, and show them how sincere we are…”

At this moment.

The city of Fairbanks was much more powerful than Greencliff in many areas like their economy, their culture or even their influence.

The Stewarts were a powerful family even within a place like Fairbanks.

Joe was still unconscious as he lay on the bed. The head of the Stewart family, Quentin Stewart, was looking at his son and his expression was grave.

“Master Stewart, Young Master Stewart’s injury is quite serious, so I would think it is difficult for him to fully recover.”

A doctor spoke very solemnly and cautiously. “The injury to his knees in particular, will make it difficult for him to even stand in the future.”

Quentin Stewart’s expression became even graver.

“Please forgive me for being unable to do anything,” the doctor sighed. “But there’s a famous doctor from overseas coming to the province of River Port next month. He might have a solution.”

“Thank you doctor.”

Quentin Stewart nodded and got someone to see the doctor out.

He tucked Joe into the blanket and walked to the living room. A murderous air started seeping out from his malicious looking face.

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