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Chapter 9

It was late at night.

It was time to sleep, but Diane couldn’t sleep at all.

She was very nervous.

Even though she felt that there were definitely more good people than bad ones in the world, but she had only known Ethan for one day.

Besides, the information they had said that Ethan had some mental illness, so what was she going to do if he suddenly went out of control?

Ethan was lying on the floor and he could sense the anxiety in Diane’s breathing.

“You don’t have to put a pair of scissors under your pillow,” Ethan suddenly spoke. “Don’t worry and just sleep. Goodnight.”

Ethan then closed his eyes first.

Diane’s heart dropped and she took her hand out from under the pillow.

She bit her lip gently. How did Ethan know she had put a pair of scissors there?

“He won’t hurt me.”

For some reason, Diane was more and more confident of this.

So she relaxed, closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The night passed uneventfully.

Diane woke up the next day, and she had slept pretty ok. Ethan was already eating breakfast when she walked out of the room.

Instead it was April who had bloodshot eyes. She obviously hadn’t slept well.

“Quickly come and eat breakfast, Mum woke up super early to prepare it.”

Ethan really helped himself around here.

When she saw Diane head for the bathroom, April quickly ran in after her.

“Last night, did he…”

“Nothing happened, Mum.”

Diane blushed. “He slept on the floor, didn’t touch me.”

After saying that, Diane found herself thinking in a different direction.

Should she praise Ethan for being gentlemanly, or that she wasn’t charming enough?

That wasn’t possible – she had been the prettiest girl around since she was young. If she burnt all the love letters she received, the fire could cook a whole pot of porridge.

April was relieved to hear this.

She was secretly hoping to wait for a good time to separate Diane and Ethan, so they could live separate lives.

“Come on, I’ll send you to work.”

Once he was done with breakfast, Ethan wanted to send Diane to work.

“No need, I’ll go by myself.”

Diane advised him, “You’d better stay at home, it’s dangerous outside.”

What if Archie secretly attacks Ethan?

“Don’t worry, they wouldn’t dare.”

Ethan frowned as he saw Diane push her electric scooter out.

A scooter huh.

She was the granddaughter of the Palmers, but her standard of living was really quite poor.

“Thanks then.”

Diane felt bad to reject him, so she let Ethan ride the scooter while she hid behind his back. At least this way she didn’t have to endure the cold wind in her face.

Somehow this feeling was a little different.

At the Palmer Group Headquarters Main Entrance.

There were more than a hundred employees standing at the main door waiting to receive Diane.

But you could see anger and displeasure written on everybody’s faces.

They only got the notice at around 1 or 2am the night before that they had to be in office an hour earlier to receive Diane.

And why should they do this anyway?

Especially after they had heard some gossip about Diane sleeping with the infamous CEO Foster, and was purposely showing off to Palmer Group!

Never mind that the company could face tremendous losses, she even decided willfully that she wouldn’t go to work since she didn’t want to.

Even the CEO Steven, her uncle, had to beg her to come back to work!

This was going overboard!

How could there be such a person?

The anger among the employees was enough to reach the sky.

Steven stood right in front and could feel the anger from the employees. This was exactly the effect he wanted.

He didn’t believe Diane could still stay in Palmer Group after ruffling all her colleagues’ feathers!

Once she had signed the contract, she would definitely leave quietly.

“Have you called CEO Foster?” Steven asked.

“I did. When I said Diane would be here, he said he’d drop by personally.”

Archie was filled with jealousy.

When he went to get the contract signed, he didn’t have the right to even see CEO Foster. But now that Diane was the one representing them, CEO Foster was actually making a trip to their company.

This slut really had a trick or two huh.

This was better still – he was going to let the entire company see Diane’s true colors!

Ethan was riding the scooter, and as the pillion rider, Diane had nowhere to place her hands and could only gently hold onto Ethan’s clothes.

“I didn’t expect this.”

From afar, Ethan could see that Steven had brought a large group of employees to stand at the entrance with him, and a naughty look flashed across his face.

This Steven really didn’t know what was good for him.

Diane alighted and was immediately shocked by what she saw.

Wasn’t it supposed to be only Steven waiting for her? What was the entire company doing out here?

She suddenly felt claustrophobic.

“We welcome back Miss Palmer!”

Archie threw a glance at his secretary and she immediately shouted this.

The next moment, the entire group of employees shouted the same thing in unison.

Diane could feel very clearly that their voices were filled with anger, hate, displeasure and even disdain.

Well, after standing for so long in the cold, anybody would be unhappy too.

She didn’t expect Steven to make such an arrangement.

“Diane, happy now?”

Steven was full of smiles, but his words sounded strange to her.

It was as if Diane was the one who forced him to do all this, and they had no choice but to obey.

Diane’s face started to redden and she felt trapped but didn’t know how to explain herself.

There was no point in explaining right?

The look in those employees eyes looked like they were about to kill her!

“I guess I’m quite happy.”

Ethan on the other hand, nodded his head and looked at Steven and calmly said, “You’ve done pretty well.”

These words made Steven’s eyes start shooting flames out instantly!

What did Ethan mean by that!

As if he was praising a dog!

He wanted to say more but Ethan ignored him and brought Diane into the office.

“Who does he think he is, he thinks he’s really something huh!”

“So arrogant, no wonder Diane is also so arrogant. Isn’t he just someone who married into the family?”

“I heard he was homeless and has mental illness. This Diane has some strong taste in men!”

All the employees started whispering among themselves.

And got even angrier.

Initially they didn’t believe that Diane was really someone like that, since many of them had worked with her.

But now Diane’s useless husband was equally arrogant and even dared to mock Steven, so surely Diane was even more unreasonable, right?

Looks like she was acting all along.

What a hypocrite!

Diane started tearing up. She wasn’t deaf. The voices weren’t loud but they still made it to her ears.

She felt that this wasn’t fair to her, because she hadn’t done any of these things.

“Don’t worry about what others think,” Ethan spoke gently. “It’s the people who aren’t as good as you who will try all means and ways to destroy you, get it?”

Diane looked at Ethan stunned, then she nodded.

Steven had arranged a new office space for her. She had it all to herself, bigger and more luxurious than her previous office.

This made the other employees even unhappier.

Diane wanted to refuse this new office, but Ethan just opened the door and walked in without a care.

To him, it was sad that his wife had to use such an office.

“Dad, I think the entire company hates Diane now.”

Archie was overjoyed thinking about this. “And that lunatic!”

Steven smiled coldly. He had plenty of ways to deal with people like that. This was merely a tiny Diane, he didn’t even need to think too hard.

“Is CEO Foster here yet?”

“He should be reaching soon.”

Steven nodded. “Later we’re going to expose Diane’s true colors. Do you think that crazy Ethan will go crazy and beat CEO Foster to death when he knows his wife has already been sullied by CEO Foster?”

There was a gleeful look on both father and son’s faces.

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