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Chapter 88


Rodney Davis finally spat one word out after a long time.

Even though he was extremely indignant, he had no other choice. Bill Hale had left too early and didn’t know about this, so he missed his chance. Once he missed this chance, he would lose everything.

“We don’t have any objections either.”

The rest quickly piped up the moment they saw that Rodney Davis had nodded.

Gus Thompson started smiling now.

“You have made an excellent choice.”

He then stood up and didn’t want to waste anymore time here. He had come with two purposes in mind. One was to get Rodney Davis and the rest to follow his boss, and the second thing was to investigate what happened to Eli Howard.

Now he had finished doing both things. Since Bill Hale didn’t agree, then there was no need for him to continue to exist. A storm was coming soon.

Gus Thompson had just walked out from the teahouse when he received a call. The smug look he had just moments ago immediately fell.

“Brother Nicolas! I’ll be there immediately!”

He was filled with horror. Someone had actually thrashed Nicolas?

What crazy place was this Greencliff? Eli Howard had perished here and now Nicolas got thrashed as well. He hadn’t even had the chance to tell Nicolas the good news and such a terrible thing happened.

Gus Thompson immediately ran over to find that besides Nicolas, all the other men that went with Nicolas had broken legs too. Gus Thompson nearly stopped breathing.

What the hell was going on?!

“Call big boss to send people over right now! NOW!” Nicolas lay on a bed with a grim expression on his face.

“Got it!”

Gus Thompson’s heart was pounding very quickly and he opened his mouth to ask about what happened. But after seeing how Nicolas looked ready to eat someone, he didn’t dare to ask at all.

After a pause, he said, “About the illegal circle of Greencliff, they’ve all agreed except Bill Hale.”

Nicolas didn’t have the mood to care about Bill Hale. He looked up at Gus Thompson and there was such intense murder coming out from his cold eyes that Gus Thompson felt a chill down his spine.

This vicious man’s gaze was enough to strike fear into people’s hearts. How had someone managed to break his arms and leg?

“I know what to do,” replied Gus Thompson immediately. “The moment our men arrive, I’ll act on it!”

“We don’t have to do it ourselves.”

Nicolas suddenly spoke up and there was a vicious glint in his malicious looking eyes. “Aren’t those fellows who chose us going to do anything to prove themselves?”

Gus Thompson felt his heart move and he nodded. “Got it.”

After Gus Thompson left, Nicolas took a deep breath. He wasn’t going to bother about the things on this side for the time being.

It was a matter of time before the illegal circle of Greencliff was taken over. Even if he didn’t do anything, other powerful groups from Fairbanks had already set their eyes on this place.

It was such a big piece of meat, so everyone wanted a bite.

His mind was filled with only one thing now. He wanted to kill Ethan and kill William’s entire family!

Back at Diane’s house.

All the furniture that had been knocked over were all tidied up. April and Diane carefully applied medicine on William’s bruises.

He refused to go to the hospital.

William now had a fairly serious expression on his face, and he looked both steady and decisive.

It was completely different from how he used to be gentle, weak and quiet.

Ethan pulled a cigarette out and remembered he was at home. He was about to put it away when William said, “Give me one.”

April didn’t say no, so Ethan took it out and put it in William’s mouth and lit it for him.

This was probably the first cigarette William had in many years. After inhaling once, he started coughing and his face was all red.

“Take your time,” said April with a frown as her heart ached for him.

She didn’t stop him, but lightly patted William’s back.

“You girls go back to your room first,” said William. “Ethan, let’s have a chat on the balcony.”

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