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Chapter 87

John Howard had been crippled by Tom Foster, so Eli Howard’s matter probably had something to do with Tom Foster too.

He had heard about this Tom Foster before. He had risen in Greencliff in just a few years so he was definitely pretty resilient. But how could he disregard the other big players just because he was resilient?

Gus Thompson didn’t say anything. He tapped his fingers lightly on the table and there was a unique rhythm to it.

Bill Hale and Rodney Davis didn’t say anything either.

No matter how much they didn’t like Tom Foster and even wanted him dead, at this point in time, all the illegal circles of Greencliff had to stand united.

This person from Fairbanks had come here with ulterior motives.

As expected, Gus Thompson looked up and didn’t ask further about Tom Foster. It was clear that this information was sufficient, and he had his own plans on what to do about it.

“The recent cleanup operation came very suddenly, and even Fairbanks didn’t get any wind of it. You’ve made pretty big losses, right?”

He looked at Bill Hale and the rest as he calmly spoke, “It’s really hard to survive these days.”

Bill Hale’s expression flinched slightly. He could hear what Gus Thompson was driving at.

“Well, no matter how hard it is, we have to continue anyway. Since this is a road we’ve chosen for ourselves, then of course we have to keep walking.” He laughed coldly. “You mean we have a way out?”

Gus Thompson laughed and looked at Bill Hale for a while.

“There’s no end to this sea of suffering but there’s also no turning back. Then again, you could also choose to hop onto a large ship so that you’d be able to survive in a storm.”

He didn’t choose to hide anything and spoke directly, “Our big boss is very sincere about this. Why don’t all of you think about it.”

These words were very clear.

They wanted to take this chance to take over Greencliff’s illegal circles!

Bill Hale and the rest thought that Gus Thompson might just hint at this issue, but they didn’t expect him to be this direct.

This was as good as forcing them to make a choice. The choice they made would decide what consequences would befall them.

“No need.”

Bill Hale just got up from his chair. “I, Bill Hale, always walked on my own and I don’t like following behind other peoples’ butts.”

His expression was nasty and he brought his men out of the teahouse.

Rodney Davis continued to sit there but he had a nasty look on his face too.

Everyone wanted to be independent and didn’t want to be controlled by others. But the people from Fairbanks were much more powerful than them in every way, so if they didn’t listen to them, things would definitely become very difficult for them.

“Bill Hale is too shortsighted. What about the rest of you?”

Gus Thompson decided to try a different angle.

“My big boss said that in this world, if you’re not a friend, then you’re an enemy.”

His words were filled with threats.

The faces of Rodney Davis and the rest instantly fell.

This was an outright threat.

If they didn’t go along with this, they would meet a terrible end. Nicolas was already here and he wouldn’t let them off for sure.

In fact, he was quite sure that if he didn’t agree today, he would lose his life the next day.

When times were bad, even though they were people who called the shots in Greencliff, they were merely tiny fish and shrimps to those who were really powerful in Fairbanks.

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you.”

Gus Thompson spoke again. “Things in Fairbanks are going to change soon.”

When they heard this, Rodney Davis and the rest paled.

Something was going to happen in Fairbanks’s illegal circle?

This was a huge wave coming their way!

Even if they didn’t go with Gus Thompson, someone else would come the next day. As long as they didn’t follow someone, they would end up dead.

Rodney Davis took a deep breath and exchanged glances with the rest as if he was going to make a very difficult decision.

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