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Chapter 86

“William, you’re amazing! With such an impressive son-in-law, it’s little wonder that you’ve become so bold!” Nicolas laughed coldly. “Dad didn’t turn out like this because of you and the Palmers haven’t been destroyed by you. I believe you! SURE I BELIEVE YOU!”

He then glared hard at Ethan. The murder in his eyes didn’t lessen, but had actually increased.

After staring at Ethan for several seconds, Nicolas finally clenched his teeth and hopped out on one foot.

Ethan went over to help William sit back on the wheelchair. April and Diane ran into the room to get the first aid kit and handled William’s wounds.

April was about to cry from the pain in her heart.

“You silly man! Do you think he’ll let you off just because you let him off?”

“Since you were children, the other two behaved like real brothers, but you? They both ganged up to bully you, don’t you know?”

“He beat you up so badly but you still…”

April became more and more upset as she spoke, and even became a little angry.

Of course, she didn’t want Ethan to kill anybody either. She wasn’t willing to let Ethan ruin his life over a scoundrel like Nicolas.

William didn’t say anything and just shook his head.

Diane’s eyes were bloodshot and she was equally upset.

When she saw April berate William, she didn’t want to say anything at all.

She got up and walked over to Ethan and felt an urge to start crying.

“Why do all of them want to bully us?” Diane looked towards Ethan.

“Because you’re not powerful enough,” Ethan replied in a quiet voice. “One day, when you’re powerful enough, nobody will dare to bully you again.”

“Then when will I become powerful?” Diane asked this question very seriously.

Ethan reached a hand out to gently touch her nose. “Soon.”

He knew that this family was too kindhearted. It didn’t matter whether it was William, Diane, or even April, who hated the Palmer family to the core. None of them was willing to let him kill Nicolas.

They weren’t thinking about Nicolas. They were thinking about Ethan.

But they didn’t know that Ethan had the authority to decide if these scoundrels lived or died.

Nicolas had told Ethan to let Nicolas off, but Ethan knew that they had completely cut ties with the Palmer family.

From now on, Diane and her family would no longer treat the Palmers kindly.

At this point in time.

Someone had arrived at East Lake Teahouse, and this person made Bill Hale, Rodney Davis and all the other bosses of Greencliff’s illegal circle feel nervous.

“We really don’t know anything about Eli Howard.”

There were a few people seated quietly at the table, as if they already expected that someone from Fairbanks would come.

“He had come here for John Howard. Since someone had crippled John Howard, then as his elder brother, Eli Howard wasn’t going to just sit there and do nothing.”

The man seated at the front of the table was a subordinate under Nicolas, Gus Thompson. His eyes were narrowed and there was a glint of viciousness in his eyes.

“Then who crippled John Howard in the first place?”

Bill Hale and Rodney Davis exchanged glances. They saw many messages in each other’s eyes.

Someone from Fairbanks was here.

This Nicolas was as famous as Eli Howard among the illegal circles of Fairbanks.

Now that Eli Howard had perished after returning to Greencliff, the even more vicious Nicolas had come along too.

Gus Thompson wasn’t some big shot, but since he was one of Nicolas’s, Bill Hale and the rest didn’t dare to offend him.

“John Howard offended Tom Foster.”

Bill Hale finally spoke up after some hesitation.

It was hard to hide something like this. One could find out very easily by just conducting a simple investigation.

There were also too many people who knew about how Tom Foster wasn’t afraid of Eli Howard at all and even said that Eli Howard was merely a worm.

“Tom Foster?”

“John Howard took money from the Palmers to create trouble for Tom Foster and was crippled, so Eli Howard returned to Greencliff because of this.”

After explaining this, Bill Hale added on, “By the way, the Palmers I’m talking about is Steven’s side of the family.”

Gus Thompson’s expression became even grimmer.

So in the end, this matter concerned Steven again.

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