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Chapter 85

Ethan held onto Nicolas’s fist so that it couldn’t move even half an inch forward.

Nicolas’s expression changed immediately.

Ethan didn’t hesitate. He exerted a great force and Nicolas’s wrist was broken with a cracking sound.

Sweat drops immediately appeared on Nicolas’s forehead. He howled in pain, frightening April and the rest as they froze.

They didn’t think that Ethan was this powerful. Nicolas couldn’t even defend himself at all.

“How dare you hit my dad and mum!”

Ethan didn’t stop at just one hand. He grabbed Nicolas’s other arm and there was a loud cracking sound.

Another sound of bones cracking filled the air.

April felt like her heart was going to leap out of her mouth.


Nicolas gave a howl. His arms were in such great pain that they went numb.

He raised his leg to kick Ethan, but Ethan was faster than him. He landed one foot on Nicolas’s knee, and with another crack, Nicolas lost his balance and collapsed to the floor.

He had just come face to face with Ethan and his arms and one leg were broken already.

He remained on the floor as Ethan put a foot on his good leg. His icy cold gaze terrified Nicolas.

He had never felt so frightened before. And he had never been beaten to a point where he didn’t even have the strength to fight back like today.

Ethan looked down at Nicolas and sneered, “I don’t care who you are. Since you dared to hurt my mum and dad, I’m going to kill you.”

The entire house was silent, and even Nicolas didn’t dare to make a single sound.

He was a vicious man, but it was clear that Ethan was way, way more vicious than him.

He was domineering, but Ethan was even more domineering.

He was very sure that the ten odd men that came with him were all sprawling on the ground already, otherwise Ethan couldn’t possibly have made it into the house.


William spoke up, “Don’t…don’t kill him!”

Ethan was now raging with anger. If he wanted to kill someone, nobody could come after him for it.

Ethan relaxed his fist when he heard what William said. If not, this fist would definitely kill Nicolas.

“He’s my brother after all.” William took a deep breath. “Don’t kill him.”

Ethan narrowed his eyes. Diane and family were too kind, and that’s why they were bullied by such people.

“Dad, you treat him as a brother, but he might not treat you as one.”

Ethan put it across very clearly. “If I hadn’t rushed back in time today, he would have beaten you to death.”

Nicolas was breathing heavily. The terrible pain was beginning to numb his nerves.

Now he realized that Ethan was the man that married into Diane’s family.

Steven said that he had found the most outstanding man for Diane and Nicolas didn’t believe it at first. He knew what sort of person Steven was and what sort of attitude he had towards William’s family.

But now…he had no idea where Steven found such a terrifying man like Ethan to be Diane’s husband.

“I know.”

William laughed bitterly.

He turned to face Nicolas. “Nicolas, from today onwards, we’re through and we’ll go our separate ways. But what I want to tell you is, I wasn’t the one who caused Dad to become like this.”

He then looked up at Ethan, “Let him go.”

Ethan snorted.

“This life of yours was spared by my dad, remember that well.”

He let go of Nicolas’s leg and Nicolas immediately used that good leg to stand up as his entire body was trembling.

He had a threatening look on his face. He had just had his arms and one leg broken and he had to thank William?

His cheeks trembled and seemed to be smiling, but it made him look even more threatening than before.

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