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Chapter 84

The loud sound shocked April. She loosened her grip on the plate of sweet vinegar pork ribs and everything fell to the floor.

Diane and William also got a fright and turned quickly to look.

“My brother!” William greeted him as he looked at the murderous looking Nicolas.

“Who’s your brother?” Nicolas smiled coldly. “William, you’re really bold!”

“When I wasn’t around in Greencliff, you dared to treat Dad this way? Are you still human?!”

William was shocked. What had he done?

“Second Uncle…”

Diane was so frightened that her face was all pale. Nicolas was really frightening.

He had actually kicked their house door open with one foot.

“Don’t call me Second Uncle! I don’t have a scheming niece like you!”

Nicolas’s eyes were cold and he was filled with murderous intent. “Don’t you two want to destroy the Palmer family and kill Dad? I’m going to kill you first!”

He then took large strides towards William, used a hand to pull William up from the wheelchair and bashed him with a fist.

“AHHH…” William yelped in pain as he collapsed on the floor. Nicolas didn’t stop there and continued to kick and punch him.

“Stop it!”

“Stop right now!”

April and Diane were instantly shocked and ran over to William.

William was so weak and frail, so he was definitely no match for Nicolas. He could get beaten to death at this rate.

Nicolas couldn’t be bothered. He kicked William’s already crippled leg hard.

“Trash! I thought you were just trash, but I didn’t expect you to turn out to be a scheming piece of trash!”

“You’ve used all sorts of methods just to harm Dad! Did you think I was dead?!”

William tried hard to endure the pain as he clenched his teeth and said, “I did not!”

“You dare to argue back?!”

Nicolas started hitting him even more fiercely.



April held onto Nicolas’s leg and Diane rushed over to stand in front of William.

“Don’t hit my dad!”

Nicolas became even more furious.

“Forget about making it out of here alive today!”

He continued to roar, “Today, I’m going to beat all of you to death! I’ll see if you still dare to be disrespectful to my father after this!”

He then lifted a fist and punched it down towards April’s head.

A rock flew over rapidly like a bullet.

Nicolas felt a coldness behind him and couldn’t proceed with hitting April as he tried to avoid the oncoming rock.

But there was no way he could avoid it.

The rock landed hard on his back, causing his expression to change. He pulled his leg out from April’s hands and took two steps back.

Ethan was standing in the doorway and the murderous air emanating from his body was incredibly terrifying.

It was way more terrifying than the murderous air around Nicolas.

The temperature in the house suddenly dropped, as if they were now in an igloo.

There was a great fear that welled up in Nicolas’s heart. A fear of dying!

“Since you’ve come all the way here and even hurt my dad, I don’t care who you are. Don’t even dream about walking out of here!”

That icy cold voice made Nicolas’s heart shudder.

That rock had hit him so hard on the back that it hurt terribly. He didn’t have to look to know that his back was definitely bleeding.

Nicolas turned and glared at Ethan with a stern expression. “Who are you!”

“You don’t need to know who I am. You only need to know that you’re going to die now!”

Ethan didn’t bother talking unnecessarily.

He made his move.

His movement was so quick, he seemed to have appeared in front of Nicolas instantly.

He didn’t want to speak anymore to scoundrels like Nicolas.

Nicolas was even more furious when he saw Ethan charge at him. Someone actually dared to attack him directly?

Even in Fairbanks, nobody dared to do something like that!

“You’re asking for it!”

Nicolas raised his fist and swung it violently across.

April and the rest paled from fright.

They all knew what sort of person Nicolas was. He loved to fight since he was a young boy and was extremely vicious. He had even gone to jail for crippling someone before.

If he decided to go all out, then Ethan was in trouble.

April was about to rush over to stop him when she saw Ethan suddenly stretch a hand out.

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