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Chapter 83

When he saw how furious Nicolas was, Steven became less anxious on the contrary.

“You went to Fairbanks to expand, so I’ve always been the one helping Dad here. Dad said Diane has reached marriageable age, so he wanted to find her a husband. So after much effort, we found the best man to be her husband, but we didn’t expect this Diane to be ungrateful and actually started harboring a grudge towards Dad.”

“She got involved with Greencliff’s Tom Foster, took over the most important project to Dad and so Dad was so angry he got a stroke. Not just that, William has purposely set up a new Palmer Group and told everyone that Greencliff can only have one Palmer Group!”

“Over the past few days, Palmer Group has been attacked for no reason and we’ve suffered terrible losses. If this goes on, this will really be the end of our Palmer family, and this Greencliff will really be left with only William’s Palmer family.”

Steven pushed all the blame to Diane and family.

After all, the only one who knew the truth was Gerald, but he couldn’t speak because of his condition, so everything that Steven said became the truth.

Nicolas’s expression became nastier and nastier as he heard these words. He clenched his fists tightly and a loud cracking sound could be heard.

“How dare William do this! Is he trying to rebel?!”

William had actually tried to destroy the Palmer family and made Gerald suffer a stroke. He was an evil son!

“Oh, and he also said that you’re lucky to be in Fairbanks. If you were in Greencliff then you’d be in trouble too.”

Steven scoffed. “This younger brother of yours has never cared about both of us before!”

“All these years he’s just been enduring silently and pretending to be a useless bum. When he finally showed his true colors, Dad and I didn’t even have enough time to react.”

He purposely pretended to look like he was suffering greatly as he walked over to Gerald and grabbed his hand, frightening Gerald so badly that he averted his eyes.

“I was the useless one who didn’t take good care of Dad.”

The guilt and frustration on his face made it look like everything he said was real.

Nicolas’s face was filled with fury and didn’t care what expression Steven had at all.

That ferocious face of his was really frightening!

“Dad, I’ll seek justice for you. With me around, nobody can destroy the Palmers and nobody will dare to be so presumptuous! Not even your own son!”

He then stared at Steven. “Take good care of Dad. Since the Palmer family has been passed to you, I won’t fight with you for it. But if you don’t take good care of Dad, I’ll finish you off as well!”

Nicolas then brought his men and left the house.

There was a gleeful look on Steven’s face.

Nicolas was fierce enough, so he managed to survive pretty well in Fairbanks. But he wasn’t clever enough.

“Dad, do you think Nicolas will kill William’s entire family?”

He turned to look at Gerald, so much so that Gerald’s lips were trembling and his eyes were filled with fear.

“Did you want to tell Nicolas that all this was my doing?”

Gerald tried hard to shake his head but he couldn’t move at all.

“You can try telling him. That way, maybe you might die earlier and you don’t have to suffer all this pain anymore.”

Steven had said these words very calmly, but Gerald started shaking from fear, and soon there was the smell of urine.

Gerald’s pants were all wet.

Steven looked at him in disgust as he walked away while pinching his nose and couldn’t be bothered with Gerald.

At this time.

William and Diane had reached home.

It was rare that they didn’t have to work overtime and could go home on time to eat the sumptuous dinner that April had prepared.

During this time, both father and daughter had worked hard to make sure the company got off to a good start, and had put in a lot of time and effort.

The good part was that everything had gone smoothly.

“Why isn’t Ethan back yet?” asked William. “I wonder what this fellow has been up to these last two days.”

He wanted to have a drink with Ethan.

“He’s attending to some matters at the factory and he’s been there most of the time recently. He should be on his way home already.”

Diane washed her hands and sat at the dining table as she grinned, “Looks like he won’t be able to fight with me over the dishes tonight.”

She was about to start eating when April took the whole plate of Ethan’s favorite sweet vinegar pork ribs away.

“I’ll take it out again after Ethan comes back. I don’t want it to get cold.”

“Mum~~~” Diane really wanted to cry. “I’m your child, Ethan isn’t!”

She loved to eat it too, but after Ethan came to this house, April didn’t allow her to take any from Ethan if she prepared them.

Now April didn’t even let her eat any and kept everything for Ethan.

William couldn’t stop laughing loudly when he saw how his own daughter looked so upset.

“Let’s eat first, don’t bother waiting for him.”

He was about to pick up his chopsticks when suddenly…


Someone had kicked the house door open.

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