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Chapter 82

Mr Roger, the project manager in charge, had arranged for staff to prepare food and water for them.

When he saw how these mud covered men were tumbling in the mud like they had gone crazy, he felt like they were impressive even though he had no idea what they were doing.

“Brother Ethan, can I join in this training?”

He cautiously asked Ethan who was sitting at the side and drinking tea.

“You’d better stick with your desk job.”

Ethan glanced at him. “If this factory does well, you can have some shares.”

Mr Roger felt like he was going to stop breathing.

As an ordinary employee, he was already happy enough to be someone in charge. But Ethan wanted to give him shares?

“You can’t finish earning money,” Ethan explained. “Anyway, I’m not short of money, so it’s more important to stay happy.”

“Thank you Brother Ethan! Thank you!”

Mr Roger clenched his fists. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure this factory does well even if it costs me my life!”

Then he was all pumped up and motivated as he went back to continue working.

Ethan really didn’t care about money.

He had more than enough money to last him several lifetimes. How much more he earned didn’t really mean much to him.

But if he could do something that was more meaningful, like making sure that kind people were well rewarded and making sure that people who lived honestly lived a better life, then that wasn’t too bad.

He lifted his head and looked out in front at Brother Geoff and the rest trying their hardest. He knew in his heart that their foundation was really very poor.

It was nearly impossible for them to reach his standards.

What Ethan was looking out for were men with enough willpower and resilience.

“Are all of you useless?” he shouted loudly. “All of you were shouting about how you didn’t want to admit defeat, so how about now? Wanna admit defeat now?”

“This training course is so small and so simple but you still look like this after two days. How disappointing!”

“If you can’t make it, get lost! Don’t stay here and embarrass your mother!”

“Even old grandmas run faster than you! If you can’t do it, then just admit it! Just say that you’re a lousy kid!”

Every word that Ethan said agitated them.

Those who had run out of energy and wanted to take a rest suddenly found the strength to angrily pound the ground and jump onto the balancing beam again.

“I can’t beat Big Boss in a fight, but I really want to whack him now!”

There was still mud in Brother Geoff’s mouth as he tried to suppress the indignation in his heart.

“Don’t waste your breath, just do it! If I don’t get past the second stage this time, I’ll admit that I’m his grandkid!”

“Damn it! Grandpa! I failed again!”


In the evening.

Nicolas had arrived.

He went straight to Gerald’s bungalow, bringing along three cars worth of fierce looking men with him.

“Nicolas, what’s the meaning of this? Why did you bring so many men along?” Steven commented unhappily as he glanced at Nicolas.

Nicolas ignored him and walked straight in. The ten odd men behind him just pushed the security guard at the door aside.

“Move further away!”

He was incredibly domineering.

Steven scoffed and didn’t say anything. If Nicolas weren’t this domineering, he would actually have been worried that Nicolas might not be able to go against William and family.

When he saw Gerald lying there with a slightly swollen face like he was completely paralyzed, Nicolas’s eyes immediately teared up.


He fell to his knees with a thud as he grabbed Gerald’s hand and angrily sad, “Who caused you to become like this! I’ll kill him!”

Gerald wanted to cry. He moved his lips slightly and really wanted to tell Nicolas that he became like this because of that bastard, Steven,

But he couldn’t say a word.

He looked up to see Steven walk in, and there was fear in Gerald’s eyes.

“Who else? It’s that useless crippled brother of yours, William!”

Steven glared at Gerald as a glint of viciousness flashed in his eyes. Gerald immediately avoided Steven’s glare.

“You have no idea how William has caused so much trouble for our family!”

Nicolas’s face was instantly filled with murder.

He turned around to stare at Steven, as if he was an angry wild beast.

“Explain what happened!”

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