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Chapter 81

Gerald was trembling and avoided looking at Steven.

There was blood on his lips and he didn’t dare to make anymore noise because he was so terrified.

Steven took a deep breath, then pulled out another phone and made a call.

It took a while for the other side to pick up, and there was a low voice that came from the other end.


Steven scoffed. “Oho, number two, you’re having fun in Fairbanks, aren’t you? You actually remember you have a brother?”

“What do you want.”

Nicolas sounded rather impatient.

He only listened to Gerald, and didn’t have much of a relationship with this eldest brother of his.

Nicolas was quite unhappy when Steven had persuaded Gerald into sending Nicolas to expand his business in Fairbanks.

“Something’s happened at home.”

Of course Steven knew that Nicolas wasn’t happy with him, but he didn’t care.

He calmly went on, “Dad got a stroke and I don’t know how long more he’ll live.”


Nicolas’s voice immediately became louder. “How did you take care of Dad? You took such good care of him that he got a stroke? Steven, I tell you now, if anything happens to Dad, I’m going to have it out with you!”

“What has that got to do with me?” Steven snorted. “I wasn’t the one who made him angry.”

He couldn’t be bothered to say too much to Nicolas. “Find a time to come back. If you’re too late then you might not get to see Dad for the last time.”

He then hung up.

He knew very well that Nicolas and William were both obedient sons and listened to everything that Gerald said.

William was weak, but Nicolas had a more domineering personality. So because Steven wanted everything the Palmer family owned, he had to send Nicolas to Fairbanks.

He had never thought much of William at all, but now William’s family had caused so much trouble for him!

“When number two comes back and finds out that you got a stroke because number three angered you, what do you think he’ll do?”

Steven turned to look at Gerald, but Gerald immediately closed his eyes and dared not look at Steven.

He had heard the entire phone conversation earlier but he couldn’t say nor do anything.

Given Nicolas’s temperament, he would definitely beat William to death!

This second son of his listened to nobody else and only cared about Gerald. If he saw how Gerald had gotten a stroke, he would definitely hit the roof.

But the one who caused him to be in this state was Steven!

This evil son, this animal – he wanted Nicolas and William to kill each other.

At this time.

On the other side of the phone call.

Nicolas put the phone down and his face was grim. A cold murderous intent slowly filled the air.

“Brother Nicolas, do you want to refuse Boss?” a subordinate asked respectfully.

“No need to refuse him. I happen to be going back to Greencliff, so go check on Eli Howard’s matter!”

There were several scars on Nicolas’s short haired head. They looked very frightening, like there were a few scary scorpions climbing on his head.

The veins on his arms started popping and his eyes started to twitch.

“I’m leaving right now!”

Something so big had happened in the family and Gerald had suffered a stroke. How had he only found out about something so big now? This bastard of a Steven – what sort of family head was he?!

He couldn’t think so much about this anymore. Nicolas immediately took some men with him and left Fairbanks for Greencliff.


Behind the factory in the countryside.

There were several men covered in mud and still climbing and tumbling about.

After two days, many of them had managed to get through the first stage, but they couldn’t be compared to Ethan at all when it came to speed.

The harder they trained, the more they realized how terrifying this training course was. And the more they understood how terrifying Ethan himself was.

Brother Geoff had gone mad now.

He had no other thoughts besides training and getting through the stages. His eyes were all bloodshot and he refused to rest unless he couldn’t move at all from fatigue.



“I don’t believe I can’t get past this stage!”

Whenever someone fell, he would slam a palm angrily against the ground and get up to start over.

They were especially motivated when they saw someone else in front of them.

It had only been two days, but they could feel that they had improved significantly. This was really scary!

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