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Chapter 80

Initially Gerald could still feed himself, but once he had accidentally dirtied Steven’s clothes, and Steven slapped him twice.

Gerald couldn’t believe it. This Steven was the son who was always so respectful to him and even knelt down in front of him.

He was Steven’s father for crying out loud!

“Oh I almost forgot, you’re also a useless thing now.”

Steven glanced at Gerald with contempt, “You should have died long ago and passed this family business to me. What else are you still holding onto?”

“Better still, you got a stroke, you didn’t die, and you still need people to serve you.”

He shook his head and didn’t need to hide the disgust on his face at all.

Gerald’s lips trembled as he glared at Steven. He couldn’t wait to strangle this ungrateful son!

Now he suddenly realized that out of his three sons, William and his family were the most filial to him. But how had he treated them?

He regretted it! He regretted it now!

Steven’s phone rang.

It was one of the company directors.

Looks like good news just kept coming.

“What is it?” Steven smiled broadly as he picked up the call.

But his face immediately paled after that.

“What did you say? CEO Borden refuses to work with us? What is going on?!”

“What? CEO Jones remitted the compensation money to us already and wants to annul the contract now?”

Steven’s face darkened.

What shitty good news was this?

He had just signed the contracts for these two projects. Why did they both fall through?

He was so angry that he nearly smashed the phone.

After he hung up, the phone rang again. Steven suppressed the anger in him as he saw that it was the bank manager of a partnering bank calling, and immediately put a smiling face on.

“Manager Larson…wait, what? Didn’t we just agree on this loan two days ago? You said it wouldn’t be a problem, so why isn’t it approved now?”

“Hello? Hello! Manager Larson?!”

Steven’s breathing started to quicken.

What the hell was going on.

After he hung up, another partnering bank called to chase Steven to quickly repay his previous loan along with the full late payment charges, otherwise the bank was going to get the court to freeze his assets.

The veins on Steven’s neck started popping.

He had no idea what had happened.

His phone never stopped ringing. Every time he hung up one call, the phone would ring again, and each one carried bad news. Steven felt like he had fallen into an igloo and felt terribly cold.

In the end, he started trembling every time he heard his phone ring and didn’t dare to pick the call up at all.

This string of troubles was enough to make his Palmer Group collapse overnight!

Happiness was always short lived, but sadness had come too bloody quickly this time!

He had just said that Greencliff would only have one Palmer Group. But he never thought that the Palmer Group that would collapse was his.

Steven started shaking. There was anger, indignation and frustration.

“What is going on? What is going on?!”

Steven roared because he couldn’t believe that he had lost so badly. Nothing had happened to Diane, but he had suffered tremendous losses.

He turned to see Gerald looking at him, so he gave his father a tight slap.

Five bright red finger marks were clearly imprinted on Gerald’s face.

Gerald’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth to croak but couldn’t speak. But he couldn’t hide the fury in his eyes.

Steven was so angry he had gone mad and didn’t care anymore. He slapped Gerald’s face several more times until Gerald’s lip started bleeding.

“How dare you glare at me! Are you asking to die?!”

When he saw the fury in Gerald’s eyes slowly become fear, Steven stopped hitting him, but still looked like he was going to gobble Gerald up whole.

“William, Diane, I want both of you to die!”

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