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Chapter 8

Archie was so angry his teeth were chattering.

He had already lowered himself and begged so humbly, and this was the attitude Ethan was giving him?

He had already provided a way out for them and they didn’t know how to take it!

“You…Just you wait!”

Archie shouted this then made a run for it, afraid that Ethan might go crazy and hit him again.

April exchanged glances at William, then they both looked at Diane.

“Are we making too much of a fuss?”

Archie’s last words before leaving were obviously a threat.

Diane couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

She knew all too well what sort of people Steven and his son were.

He had never looked at William as his own younger brother, so naturally he didn’t treat William’s family as relatives.

If they upset him, this man was capable of doing anything.

“Not at all.”

Ethan calmly cut in. “He told us to wait, so we’ll wait.”

With that, Ethan started clearing the dishes. April rushed over to do it instead when she saw him start clearing.

“Come come, I’ll do it.”

This son-in-law had quite the temper.

She didn’t realize it before, but now it was clear that Ethan was going to protect their family and stop Steven and son from bullying them.

Was this really a homeless person?

“It’s been hard on you, Mum,” Ethan smiled as he said this.

He was really quick to fit into the role.

William was still feeling uneasy but he didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t the one with the final say in this family anyway.

So he could only hide in his room again and timidly closed the door firmly behind him.

“Now you’ve really offended them.”

Diane sighed.

It was already not bad that Archie had come to apologize. She’d never seen Archie humble himself before.

She was still thinking that she should just let it go before it blows up, so that it wouldn’t increase the tension within the family.

But Ethan didn’t seem to care for any of this, and insisted that Steven come personally to apologize.

How was this even possible?

That mean, selfish and prideful uncle of hers was never going to humbly apologize to them.

“You’re wrong.”

Ethan’s eyes were clean and clear. “They are the ones who have offended me.”

“I’ve said it before. I will not let anybody bully you.”

That look in his eyes sent Diane into a panic.


One hour passed.

April had finished washing the dishes. When she saw that Ethan had gone to bathe, she quickly ran into Diane’s room.


“Diane, who is Ethan really?”

April whispered, “Somehow I feel he treats you differently.”

Diane blushed.

“What are you talking about, we don’t know each other at all.”

She bit her lips. From the first time she saw Ethan, he had constantly protected her and her family from being bullied by Steven and son.

“You’re really going to let him sleep here tonight?”

April was worried about this.

Ethan was Diane’s husband on paper, but they weren’t willing to accept this just yet.

“He has a mental illness!”

She was afraid Ethan might hurt Diane.

Diane hesitated for a while, then she thought of that clean and clear look in Ethan’s eyes.

“He won’t hurt me.”

The bathroom door opened and April quickly made her way out, mouthing to her daughter: There’s an iron bat in my room, just shout if anything happens!

Diane’s face was red and her heart was pounding very loudly.

Was she really going to let Ethan sleep in her room?

Someone was banging on the main door again.

William was like a frightened cat, all his hair standing on end.

April’s face was equally pale.

He was here!

Steven was here!

Given his temperament, there was no way he was going to tolerate this!

They were doomed!

Even Diane couldn’t help but become nervous. She walked into the living room and stared at the door, as if there were a dozen gangsters with baseball bats behind that door.

The whole family behaved as if they were going to meet a formidable foe!

“Open the door.”

Ethan was using a towel to wipe his hair as he smiled and said, “We’ve got guests.”

Diane really didn’t know what to do with this relaxed attitude of his. Was this guy really unafraid? Or he just didn’t care?

She walked to the door and opened it. Steven was standing there with Archie behind him.


Steven’s face was rather nasty looking.

But he still managed to squeeze a smile out. “Your uncle has come here specially to apologize to you!”

Diane froze.

The two eavesdropping with their ears to their room door also froze.

Steven had really come here to apologize?

“Firing you was a misunderstanding, all this is Archie’s fault and I’ve already taught him a lesson.”

Steven pointed to his son, and Archie immediately bowed his head, “I’m sorry Diane, I was wrong, please forgive me.”

“Some of this was my fault too. I didn’t check properly before firing you, that was wrong of me.”

Steven continued, “I hope you can forgive me. The company really needs you.”

His tone was as sincere as it could be.

If Diane still didn’t agree to come back, there was nothing else he could do.

“Tomorrow, I’ll be at the office entrance to receive you and reinstate you, then I will also explain what happened to everybody personally so as to do you justice,” said Steven.

His apology was filled with sincerity, and his attitude was extremely humble now.

Diane didn’t know what to do when she saw Steven bow slightly.

She turned back to look at Ethan and saw him nod.

“Ok Uncle Steven, I’ll go to work tomorrow.”

“Sure, I’ll wait for you at the main entrance of the Palmer Group office tomorrow. Goodnight.”

The father and son then left.

Diane closed the door.

Disbelief was still written all over Diane’s face.

Steven had come personally to her house to apologize!

With such a sincere attitude!

When had she ever seen him like that?

“My brother really came to apologize?”

William pushed the door open, his lips trembling and his eyes were a little red.

His family had been bullied so badly by Steven all these years!

When did he ever apologize for any of that?

To Steven, William was a disgrace to the Palmer family. If they weren’t related by blood, Steven would have chased them out of the family long ago!

“He came to apologize!”

“He came to do that!”

April was also very excited about this. She had clearly suppressed her feelings for too long, and was a little out of control now.

As a daughter-in-law of the Palmers, she had been subject not just to Gerald’s mood, but also to Steven, and she had quietly endured for decades now.

When she heard how Steven had apologized so humbly earlier, April couldn’t hold in her emotions anymore.

“This damned bastard, so the day has come when he begs us.”

April was about to cry.

When she saw the way her parents reacted, Diane took in a deep breath.

She had always known that her parents had been bullied by this uncle, and had been looked down upon and treated poorly.

But today, even though it was just once, it was enough to see Steven bow his head and apologize.

“From now on, nobody will cause you to suffer anymore.”

Ethan finished drying his hair. “Nobody can bully my wife, so nobody can bully my father-in-law and mother-in-law either.”

Diane and family looked dumbfounded at Ethan.

This middle aged son-in-law who married into the family was somehow different from other people.

On the other side, Steven’s face had darkened since they left Diane’s house, and it was so dark it was terrifying.

Archie followed behind his father and didn’t dare to say a single word.

Ethan forcing Steven to go up personally to humbly apologize was as good as giving a good slap in the face!

“Tell all the workers to come in one hour earlier to wait for Diane at the office entrance tomorrow!”

Steven smiled coldly, his face full of viciousness. “Also, secretly spread the word that Diane is sleeping with CEO Foster, and wants to force the Palmer Group to bow to her!”

“I’m going to see whether Diane is thick-skinned enough to stay in Palmer Group or not!”

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