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Chapter 79

At this point in time.

Thomas Reid had returned to the Greencliff Bank headquarters and called for an urgent meeting.

He requested that the whole of Greencliff Bank treat the new Palmer Group as their most important business partner.

His solemn expression made everyone in the highest management of Greencliff Bank understand that this was an opportunity. It was an opportunity that could bring Greencliff Bank up by another level.

So because of this, the shareholders requested that Thomas Reid continue in his position for another few more years even though Thomas Reid already made plans to retire.

There was a lot of movement in Greencliff Bank, causing their competitors and other big players in Greencliff to notice something unusual.

This new Palmer Group had just changed its name and was setup not long ago, and it faced a tremendous crisis just a few hours ago.

They had not just sent a challenge to the old Palmer Group, but they had also offended the heir to the Stewart family of Fairbanks.

Almost everyone could see for themselves that Diane was in a very difficult situation and was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy.

And because of this, all the banks that were working with them rejected Diane’s request for a loan.

But Greencliff Bank hadn’t just reached out to them. The CEO himself had gone to pay them a visit, which was really strange.

Everyone was intelligent, and everyone was also shrewd.

Nobody woke up early for fun, and nobody would do anything that they wouldn’t benefit from. In particular, someone like Thomas Reid, who was famous in these circles.

The investments he made never made losses!

“Contact the new Palmer Group and discuss a new way to work with them! Also, make sure we get back all those capital loans from the old Palmer Group, their payments are already overdue!”

All the banks started doing the same thing at nearly the same time.

They were all within the same circle, so the moment there was any change in the situation and they didn’t react in time, then they would have lost a chance to even fight.

It wasn’t just the banks. There were several other companies and business partners that also sensed this unusual smell in the air.

The old and new Palmer Groups didn’t have any clash on the surface, but the fight was very fierce beneath the surface!

They had all thought that the new Palmer Group wouldn’t have made it past today. But it was clear that the tables had turned.

Just like what Ethan said, there were plenty of intelligent people in the world. They might not become the wind that led others, but they knew how to tell the direction of the wind, and they followed the wind wherever it blew.

“Stop those projects with the old Palmer Group, we can’t afford to take this risk.”

“After this contract ends this month, stop working with the old Palmer Group, we shouldn’t continue this relationship anymore.”

“The old Palmer Group has ordered goods from us. Don’t send the goods out, return their deposit, even if we need to pay double!”

This wind suddenly blew very violently, and many people instantly understood that there could be only one Palmer Group in Greencliff, and that one company was the new Palmer Group.

But Steven Palmer hadn’t sensed anything at all at this point in time.

He was in an excellent mood.

Archie had called him in the morning to say that Joe had made his move. He was using the authority of the Stewart family to attack Diane.

Their so-called new Palmer Group might not even survive the day!

“This Greencliff can only have one Palmer Group after all.”

Steven looked very smug.

He turned around to look at Gerald lying on a bamboo chair after getting a stroke.

“Dad, look. I’ve taken over the Palmers for just a short while, but we’re going to reach greater heights soon.”

“I’ve successfully signed on six new projects and made countless investments. Our Palmer Group is going to double in size!”

“Number three thinks he can compete with me? He’s just a useless cripple!”

The more Steven said, the more excited and gleeful he became.

But Gerald had no expression on his face.

He couldn’t say anything. When he was agitated, half of his face could still tremble. The only hand he could still move couldn’t even hold a pair of chopsticks properly.

When he heard Steven say all this, he wasn’t happy at all. He was sad, regretful, and even angry.

After suffering a stroke, he had become a useless person. Steven never showed him any concern anymore, much less respect.

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