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Chapter 78

The company had just met with a terrible crisis and there were many who couldn’t hold on and took the chance to quickly resign first. They were still standing in the office with the confirmation of their resignation in hand. Now all of them were stunned.

It had only been about half an hour since they resigned. How much had they lost?!

Their stomachs churned.

But Ethan didn’t care about them.

After they returned to her office, Diane couldn’t help but take a deep breath. She really had no idea that Ethan wanted to do this.

But an increase of 50% in the salary would be more convincing than anything else to ensure that the staff would work even harder and be more assured of their jobs.

“Ethan, you’re a really generous boss.”

Diane pouted.

She and William were pretty much working for Ethan. This huge company was all Ethan’s.

“My wife’s salary has to go up too.”

Ethan smiled and pulled his own card out. “You can keep this card and take it as allowance.”

Diane took one look and saw that it was the same sort of black card as before, and she didn’t know how much money was inside this one.

“Then what about you?”

She pretended to be upset and scoffed. “By giving me your money, aren’t you afraid that I’ll just take all your money and run?”

“I have some more.”

Ethan spread his hand out to reveal several more identical black cards.

Diane didn’t say anything anymore.

She suddenly felt like pinching Ethan to death. How rich was this guy?

He had used that card to buy two cars for a million dollars, then spent another few hundred thousand on clothes for her family. This amount of money seemed like just a few cents to Ethan.

He hadn’t even blinked an eye.

“You said earlier that Greencliff has only one Palmer Group?”

Diane changed the topic. She didn’t want to think anymore about how much money Ethan had, since he definitely had more than her.

“Yup.” Ethan nodded.

“Do you intend to go up against Palmer Group?” Diane asked a little worriedly.

“Palmer Group? They’re not worthy to make me do anything to them.” Ethan shook his head. “There are plenty of intelligent people who will go wherever the wind blows. We don’t have to do anything at all.”

Diane didn’t really get it.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she had been tricked. This Ethan wasn’t a homeless guy at all. He was reliable, calm, smart and bold – surely he couldn’t have been trained into this sort of person by the Beggars’ Sect?

At the roadside next to Palmer Group’s main entrance.

Joe and Archie were like two dead dogs, sprawled on the ground and completely unable to move.

Anyone passing by quickly avoided them, afraid that they might be scammers trying to pretend that they had been beaten up or knocked by a car.

Gentry was standing not too far away and his expression was fairly grim.

He hadn’t left at all and was all ready to save Ethan after Joe had pushed him into a corner.

But he didn’t expect Ethan to have settled this problem himself without Gentry having to do anything.

In fact, Joe had been beaten so badly that he fainted.

“Young Master Price, what do we do now?”

His subordinates didn’t expect this to happen either. Things weren’t going according to Gentry’s script.

This made them very surprised because Gentry’s plans had never gone wrong before.

“Send Young Master Stewart back to Fairbanks.”

Gentry looked at the large building in the distance and his gaze sharpened as he laughed coldly. “Looks like he hasn’t been pushed hard enough. I’ve underestimated him, but I’m now even more interested in him.”

He immediately ordered someone to send Joe back to Fairbanks.

Nobody cared about Archie. He remained sprawled and curled up on the ground like a homeless man. He couldn’t speak from the pain, and he couldn’t move either.

Soon, a stray dog came over and sniffed Archie. Then it lifted a leg and started peeing on Archie’s head…

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