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Chapter 77

Archie shuddered when he saw Ethan.

He was fearful the moment he saw Ethan. He had been beaten into fear!

But today was different. Diane was going down with her company, so how could Ethan still be so confident?!

“Stop putting on a pretense!”

Archie laughed coldly. “This stupid company is going to close down soon, so aren’t all of you despairing now?”

He glared at Ethan and Diane. “I told you before, going up against Young Master Stewart is as good as seeking death! You’d better obediently kneel down and apologize, and maybe Young Master Stewart might spare your lives!”

Joe stood where he was with a disdainful look.

If those two brothers hadn’t been so useless, Ethan wouldn’t be standing here right now.

But none of that was important anymore. Once Diane was finished, then Ethan wouldn’t have anything to eat since he married into their family.

But he didn’t want Ethan to die so quickly. He wanted Ethan to watch his own wife scream and moan under him.


Ethan’s lips suddenly curled up as he lifted his hand and slapped Archie hard across the face. “You are the one who should be in despair now!”


Archie held his face. This wasn’t the first time Ethan had slapped his face!

Ethan wasn’t polite at all and didn’t want to waste anymore energy talking.

He sent a kick flying over and Archie immediately sprawled on the floor. He was all curled up like a prawn, and the pain was so bad that he couldn’t even speak a word.

Joe’s expression changed.

He had nearly forgotten that Ethan was a crazy man! And he would hit others when his illness acted up!

His company was going to close down soon, so Ethan’s illness must have acted up from the shock.

“If you dare to do anything, you’re dead meat!” Joe threatened. “I’m from the Stewart family, my dad will kill you!”

Ethan used a hand to hold onto Joe’s neck and lifted him off the floor.

Joe’s face turned red instantly as his feet dangled in the air and his eyes were filled with terror. How was Ethan this frightening?!

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but Palmer Group won’t close down. But I have my eyes on the Stewarts now.”

If someone who knew Ethan was around to hear this, that person would feel a chill in their bones.

Anyone that Ethan set his eyes on never came out alive.

“Let…let go of me!”

Joe’s body started to stiffen up, but Ethan’s hand was like a plier.

Ethan allowed Joe to continue struggling, but he didn’t loosen his grip on Joe.

There was a terrifying feeling of being strangled to death, and Joe felt that he was going to die any moment.

But no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t break free.

After two kicks, Joe also landed on the floor like a dead dog, and fainted immediately.

“Throw them out!” Ethan coldly gave orders.

The security guards quickly ran over and dragged them out.

All the staff were staring with their eyes and mouths wide. They didn’t know Ethan was this ferocious!

One was Archie from the Palmer family, the other was the heir to the Stewart family in Fairbanks. Ethan hit them just because he said so?

“Everyone,” Ethan addressed the crowd seriously after looking at all of them. “All of Greencliff will only have one Palmer Group, and you can all safely work here. Over here, Diane will make sure that you will get better and more things than anyone else outside can offer.”

He didn’t have any fancy words.

In order to let people work here in peace, then the company had to pay them enough and treat them with enough respect.

Mentioning anything else was basically trying to pull a fast one on the workers.

“I will help Diane to announce one thing first,” Ethan declared loudly. “From today onwards, everyone’s salary is going up by 50%!”

The office was silent for two seconds before there was thunderous applause.

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