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Chapter 76

“Mr. Hunt!”

Ethan sat on the sofa and just nodded slightly, then continued drinking his own tea.

Thomas Reid was not here to look for him.

“CEO Palmer, I heard that your company has some issues with cash flow, so I came to see if there’s anything we could help you with.”

Thomas Reid put it very nicely.

“Aren’t you afraid that we’d go bankrupt and close down?”

Diane was very direct.

All the other banks had used this reason to reject her request.

Thomas Reid smiled and didn’t say anything.

This company wouldn’t close down on account of that man sitting on the sofa. Even if Greencliff Bank closed down, Palmer Group wouldn’t.

But of course, he had sent an order to make sure that nobody else outside the bank knew that Ethan backed Palmer Group, so that other banks wouldn’t compete with his.

“We believe CEO Palmer, and we believe in Palmer Group.”

Thomas Reid continued to explain, “I gave Chairman Palmer a call before coming. As for the loan, Greencliff Bank is agreeable to provide a loan at low interest and we can allow five years for repayment. This is to ensure that we can continue to work even more closely with Palmer Group in the future.”

He didn’t beat around the bush and explained his terms very clearly.

He hadn’t come here today just to help Palmer Group. He also hoped that he could have the opportunity to do more business with Palmer Group, and so he offered such good terms to her.

Diane was stunned.

Other banks would have demanded extremely high interest even if they were willing to loan her money at this point in time.

Thomas Reid had not just given her a good deal on the interest rate, but had extended the repayment period to five years. This was as good as lending them money without any strings attached.

“CEO Reid, are you sure you’re not kidding?”

Diane found it hard to believe.

“Of course.”

Thomas Reid had a very serious expression on his face. “But I would need Mr. Hunt to agree to my offer.”

Diane was even more stunned.

Greencliff Bank was willing to give them a loan with such favorable terms and that was already considered a loss to them. And now this offer still needed the go ahead from Ethan?

She had never heard of anything like that. Who needed someone else’s permission to lend your own money out?

Diane turned to look at Ethan, but he waved his hands.

“When it comes to business operations, you guys go ahead and discuss, I won’t ask about it.”

Thomas Reid was relieved to hear this from Ethan.

Of course he knew that if Ethan wanted to settle this matter himself, he didn’t need any money from the bank. Ethan had so much wealth, it only took one word from him for all the banks to come running to him with money!

But business was business. Since Ethan passed all operations to Diane and her father, he naturally didn’t want to interfere.

Thomas Reid had made a good judgment of this.

“Since Mr. Hunt has no opinions on this, what about CEO Palmer?”

Diane was still in a daze. But of course she didn’t have any problems with such a good deal.

“If CEO Palmer is alright with everything, then we can sign the contract. I’ve brought it along.”

Thomas Reid seemed much more anxious than Diane to sign this contract. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity to work with Palmer Group.

After signing the contract, Diane still seemed to be in daze while Thomas Reid happily left with the contract and even his footsteps were lighter.


Diane pouted. She knew Ethan must have done something. “You were behind this, right?”

She felt that she was really useless. She needed Ethan to help her all the time.

“Oh no, it’s your own charm.”

Ethan looked very serious as he shook his head. “I’m not even close to him, so how could I have been behind this? He’s caught onto Palmer Group’s potential.”

Diane scoffed. Ethan was really good at coaxing others, but did he think she would fall for that?

“Move aside! Where’s Diane? Aren’t you going to beg me for mercy?!”

“Diane, your company is going to close down soon and you’re not going bow down to me? You’d better bow down and admit your mistake, and I could consider giving you another chance!”

There was an awfully arrogant voice coming in from outside.

Joe pushed aside the staff that tried to block him as he happily continued shouting, “Diane, if you miss this chance, then you’re really doomed this time round!”

Archie was next to him and looking just as arrogant.

The last time he came here, he had been chased out by Tom Foster. Once Diane went bankrupt and had to close the company, this would become his territory!

Joe walked in as if he was walking around his own company. He was smug and looked down on everybody.

He wanted everyone to watch Diane kneel down before him to apologize and beg for mercy!

“I was wondering who on earth was pulling these dirty tricks and dared to make my wife so unhappy.”

Ethan walked out and his face darkened the moment he saw Joe and Archie. “Any last words? Quickly spit them out now.”

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