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Chapter 75


Joe was stunned. They hadn’t finished their two years yet, so how could this favor be considered repaid?

“I’m asking you what happened to Ethan!”

“Young Master Stewart, there are some people whom you cannot afford to offend. Please don’t go down this road! You will die!”

Cain Brockman didn’t want to waste anymore words on Joe. He turned and left with Abel Brockman.

If the Stewarts continued to be stubborn, then they themselves might even make a move on the Stewarts to make sure they understood that one should not simply offend the almighty God of War.

Joe was furious when he realized that the two of them had obviously returned without completing their mission and still dared to talk to him like this.

“Fuck you! I’ve spent so much money feeding you and this is how you do things?! Trash! Useless pieces of trash!!” Joe cursed loudly.

He had no idea that Cain Brockman and his brother had just gone through the scariest moment in this world.

“Young Master Stewart, don’t be angry. Ethan has offended so many people, so he’s doomed to die sooner or later. Let’s wait for Diane to come kneeling in front of you to apologize first,” said Archie as he sat on one side.

He gave a knowing smile and had an expression that all men would understand. “Young Master Stewart, I’ve already booked the presidential suite upstairs. I’ve also prepared a few things that I know you like.”

Joe scoffed as an evil thought flashed through his eyes.

“You sure Diane is still a virgin? Wait till I have my way with her!”

Archie immediately nodded.

“Young Master Stewart, rest assured, Diane is definitely still a virgin. She wouldn’t fall for that lunatic.”

He knew Diane well. She was a kind and innocent girl, as pure as a blank sheet of paper. She had never done anything out of line before.

She would definitely never allow just anybody to touch her either.

But that turned out to be a good thing now, since that satisfied Joe’s request.

“Humph, I think it’s about time. Come along, let’s go see what a mess Diane looks like now.”

Joe got up and said smugly, “If I make her embarrass herself in front of her own company and force her to kneel down and beg me for mercy, I wonder if she’d cry.”

He knew that Diane wouldn’t dare to let the company go bankrupt. Her staff would probably all hate her to the core.

Archie hesitated for a while, and nodded anyway.

At this moment.

Diane’s head was going to burst.

She had made calls to all the banks that had worked with them before, but all of them actually rejected her.

The reason they gave was the same – the new Palmer Group was going to become bankrupt and close down soon, so it was too risky to offer a loan at this point.

Diane was so angry that she was shaking.

How dare they say that Palmer Group was going to go bankrupt and close down!

“CEO Palmer, the company is under tremendous pressure and a lot of workers are beginning to change their minds.”

A few directors had a conflicted expression on their face. “There are two managers who turned in their resignations.”

Diane bit her lip and took a deep breath. She didn’t know what to say.

“Accept their resignations.”

Then a voice came from behind. “Why bother keeping such people? If they don’t resign, I’ll fire them.”

Ethan walked in and didn’t look worried at all.


Diane looked like she was in great pain, and she also looked fairly guilty.

She had just taken over this company and something so major had happened. “I’m sorry.”

She felt that she had let Ethan down.

“Silly girl.”

Ethan reached out to pat Diane’s shoulder. “It’s not a big deal.”

He turned to look at the director who spoke up earlier. “Go ask around who else wants to resign, I’ll approve them all.”

This was a good time to see who was trustworthy, so Ethan thought that this was actually a good thing.

As for the trouble they were in…was this big enough to be considered trouble?

“CEO Palmer, the CEO of Greencliff Bank, Thomas Reid, is here.”

A secretary came running in, her face all red. “He says he wants to meet with you and talk about a loan.”

Diane was stunned and immediately turned to look at Ethan.

They had never worked with Greencliff Bank before. But the other banks all rejected their request, so why was the CEO of Greencliff Bank knocking on their door now?

“Nothing to do with me,” Ethan shook his head.

He hadn’t gone looking for anyone in Greencliff Bank.

The company was just short of money anyway. Ethan had his bank card on hand all the time and he just needed to take some out to settle this problem.

“Let him come in!” Diane immediately replied.

Thomas Reid and his subordinates then went into Diane’s office. Seeing that Ethan was around as well, Thomas Reid quickly greeted him.

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