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Chapter 74

At this moment.

Ethan realized someone had been following him.

He only laughed quietly.

His senses were too sharp, so there was no one in the world who had been able to follow him without being detected yet.

Ethan’s expression didn’t change. He drove the car to a more deserted area, and the car behind continued to follow behind him and kept a certain distance away.

He got out of the car and walked into a park that was still under construction and sat down on a long bench.

Ethan lit a cigarette and slowly blew smoke out without even looking back.

“You’ve followed me for so long already, so what are you waiting for?”

Two figures appeared in front of Ethan.

Both of them were skinheads with a ferocious air about them and icy cold stares.

Ethan could immediately tell where these two came from.

“You shouldn’t have offended the Stewarts,” said Cain Brockman coldly.

“Now we’re going to cripple you. Do not resist us,” spoke Abel Brockman.

Then the two of them were ready to make their attack.

“So people who left John Garrett’s team are actually ok with being someone else’s dog?”

That one statement from Ethan made their expression change greatly as they stood where they were and didn’t move as they glared at Ethan.

“Looks like I have to ask our dear Little Garrett. How did he teach his subordinates to behave like this? Is he asking to die?!”

It was as if a huge bolt of lightning had frozen Cain and Abel Brockman to the ground and neither dared to move forward.

There were only a few people who dared to call John Garrett ‘Little Garrett’!

And there was only one person who dared to say that John Garrett was asking to die.

God of War!

That almighty God of War!

Their team leader from before had remained excited for half a year because he had gotten a tip from the God of War.

Their breathing quickened as their bodies tensed up. They didn’t dare to even think of attacking.

Ethan was just sitting there, but they could both feel an extremely frightening pressure coming towards them.

The two of them stood where they were and didn’t dare to move. They had solemn faces and there was a trace of guilt.

They felt guilty because they had embarrassed John Garrett.

Ethan continued to sit there, as calm as water, and quietly blew out his cigarette smoke.

“I’ll give you a chance to explain.”

“After we were demobilized, we went home to find that our mother was seriously ill, and the Stewarts gave us enough money to save her.”

Cain Brockman’s voice trembled slightly. “So we agreed to work for the Stewarts for two years.”

Abel Brockman opened his mouth and wanted to say that they hadn’t done anything bad before, because that was their most basic principle in life. Even if they had already left John Garrett’s team, they would never make any exceptions.

This time, they were willing to make a move only because they had heard that the target was someone from the illegal circles.

They never thought that their target would turn out to be…

“Then what about now? Still want to cripple me?”

Neither of them spoke.

They obviously didn’t have that ability, but on top of that, if John Garrett found out that they had dared to offend the great God of War, John Garrett would get all his men to beat them to death!

Ethan got up, put out the cigarette and threw the butt into the trash can.

“Remember where you came from.”

Ethan didn’t say anymore and left.

Cain and Abel Brockman continued standing there for a long time before they finally breathed a sigh of relief, and their backs were all drenched from cold sweat.

They knew that Ethan had let them off. Otherwise, the crippled one would have been themselves.

Ethan reminded them to remember where they had come from. They had come from a place where it was a serious offense to use the skills that they had learnt for evil.

“The Stewarts don’t know what’s good for them!” said Abel Brockman coldly after taking a deep breath.

Offending the almighty God of War was as good as asking to die!

“Contact the team, I’ll bear the punishment that we deserve.” Cain Brockman smiled bitterly.

Even though they had left the team, they still felt that they were members of the team. If John Garrett knew that they had nearly offended the God of War, John Garrett would probably wake up in the middle of the night from fright.

When the two of them returned to the hotel, Joe was enjoying himself with the company of a few women in his arms.

“All settled?” Joe asked excitedly the moment he saw the two brothers return.

He knew very well how powerful these two were. The Stewarts had been able to strike fear in the hearts of people in the last two years mostly thanks to these two.

Unfortunately they were too old fashioned, and were a little too principled.

If he hadn’t said that Ethan was someone from Greencliff’s illegal circle, they wouldn’t even have agreed to come out.

“Young Master Stewart, from today onwards, the favor the two of us owe the Stewarts has been paid in full,” said Cain Brockman with a cold expression on his face.

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