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Chapter 73


Both muscular men had short cropped hair, a wide back and strong hips, and it was scary to just look at them.

Then they both left for their mission.

“Archie, my side is ready to go.”

Archie was so excited.

Joe was going to personally deal with Diane and the rest, and he was happier than anyone else.

The Stewarts were a powerful family in Fairbanks. They could topple a newly set up company by just saying one word.

“Young Master Price isn’t joining us?” Archie paused for a moment before asking.

Gentry had gone back the day before, and didn’t seem interested in attacking Diane.

“Humph, don’t bother about him. He’s just a piece of trash who’s only as bold as a mouse!”

Joe said disdainfully, “I’ve already talked to the business partners who work with them, so if they still dare to work with Diane even though they know I’m from the Stewart family, then they will have to wait to suffer the wrath from the Stewarts!”

Archie was so excited. “Young Master Stewart, you’re amazing!”

“Just watch. In less than a day, Diane’s cash flow will instantly face issues, and their newly set up company will go bankrupt immediately!”

Joe narrowed his eyes and waited for the results quietly.

He didn’t feel a great sense of achievement since he was merely squashing an ant and it didn’t even need him to do this personally.

But when he thought about how Diane would beg him for mercy when she was pushed into a corner, he felt deeply satisfied.

“Young Master Stewart, then those business partners…”

Archie smiled, “My family has some related businesses, so I’m wondering if you could pass them to us?”

“Humph, this is only a small matter. If you want it, all I have to do is say the word.”

Joe had an arrogant look on his face. “As long as the Palmers are obedient and help the Stewarts to control the market in Greencliff, then all of you, are one of mine.”

“Yes yes yes!”

Archie immediately bowed respectfully when he heard this. “Young Master Stewart is our master. The Palmers will definitely listen to everything you say!”

Even if he had to become a dog, it was fine to become the Stewart family’s dog. Who could remove the Palmers from their position in Greencliff once they were under the Stewarts?

A few directors came looking for Diane urgently the moment she reached the office and told her something bad had happened. .

“Thirteen of our partners have called off their partnership. They’d rather pay compensation than continue working with us.”

“Now our cash flow is facing a problem, and there are two investment companies who have been calling us before the day started to ask for their money back.”

“They’re ganging up to shut our company down!”

None of the directors expected something like that to happen suddenly. The new Palmer Group had just been set up and had just started business when they were hit with such a fierce blow. This had a huge impact on the morale in the company.

Diane frowned and didn’t say anything. She knew that someone must be doing this on purpose to destroy her company.

This rival was really malicious!

She immediately went to William’s office, to find that he was calling the various business partners.

“CEO Jones, aren’t you going too far by suddenly withdrawing your investment?”

“We’ve always been working well together but now you’re telling me that you don’t even want the interest. CEO Borden, I don’t really understand why you’re doing this. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

William had made several calls, but all of them insisted on calling off their partnerships.

His face was grim. He didn’t expect matters to become so serious, and this had come so suddenly.

They were obviously ganging up to attack Palmer Group together!

“Dad,” said Diane. “It must be the Palmers.”

After thinking about it, she knew the Palmers didn’t have such tremendous power. “And the Stewarts from Fairbanks.”

This must have been Joe’s doing. Otherwise it wasn’t possible for these Greencliff business partners to do something like that.

They couldn’t afford to offend the Stewarts. If the Stewarts came down hard, they would perish as well.

So even if they weren’t willing to, they had no choice but to cut themselves off from Diane and her father.

“How’s the company’s situation now?” William was still calm.

“Our money is very tight. The business partners have pulled out, we can’t remit any money, and the investors are pushing for their money. We’re in a very bad state now.”

Diane’s eyes were tearing up.

The company had just started but someone had already come to make trouble for them. And this way of doing it was obviously someone trying to use their power to bully them.

“Assure the staff.”

William made a decision quickly. “We will get through this.”

“Also, get a loan from the bank. We cannot let our cash flow have any issues.”

The moment their capital was cut off, then that was the end of them.


Diane immediately went to get this done. She started calling a few banks that worked with them and asked them about getting a loan.

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