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Chapter 72

That was the first thing Ethan said.

“If you join my training program, you will become strong. But you might also die.”

That was the next thing Ethan said.

“Whoever wants to back out may leave now.”

There was the third thing Ethan said.

Before seeing this training facility, there might have been some who wanted to quit. But nobody wanted to at this moment.

Everyone had been trained before, and they could see how terrifying this training facility was.

If you wanted to pass, you would need several months of training. Otherwise it was impossible!


When he saw that nobody wanted to leave, Ethan nodded. “I’ll demonstrate just once.”

Then he suddenly moved, and his movement was insanely quick!

He was like a dragon moving at top speed, and he leapt onto the first obstacle in a few moments – the balancing beam.

All fifty men’s expressions changed instantly. That balancing beam wasn’t tied to anything!

There was no pattern to its movement!

But Ethan was running across it as if it was flat ground. His speed was like lightning, and he had passed the first obstacle in a flash.

The second stage had numerous sandbags falling from above. There was also no pattern to their falling, and there seemed to be only one narrow path that would make it across. And Ethan…flew across it in an instant!

All their faces became even grimmer.

He was too powerful!

This wasn’t just the ability to fight. This was a combination of balance, agility, strength and speed.

Ethan punched a sandbag so hard it exploded, and quickly reached the sixth stage.

He was too fast!

The eyes of Brother Geoff and the rest could barely keep up with Ethan, and their throats were dry. Was Ethan even human?

They felt that they would probably need several days to just pass the first stage, but Ethan seemed to be taking a walk in the park.

Ethan had reached the end point before they could even react.

He had taken 49 seconds!

Not even a minute!

All of them held their breath and focused. They didn’t even dare to breathe. They were all nervous, raring to go, filled with expectation and even a hint of excitement.

“I don’t expect much of you guys, just finish the course within ten minutes,” Ethan said after he turned to look at them. “I’ll just give you one month, and I’ll keep the first thirty who make it. You may begin.”

Ethan then left.

Brother Geoff took a deep breath and looked at the rest. When he realized none of them was moving, he shouted, “Don’t all of you have great endurance or something? Didn’t all of you say you were highly skilled? GO ON!”

Then he pulled his shirt off and ran towards the first stage.

But the moment he stepped onto the balancing beam, it shook slightly and he lost his balance, falling into the mud immediately.

“Damn it! It’s so hard!”

Brother Geoff had a nasty look on his face. This was so embarrassing.

He clenched his teeth and tried again. This time he fell even harder and wasn’t able to even take one step forward, never mind how Ethan walked like it was flat ground.

The other fifty were just watching him. Of course, they knew how tough Ethan’s training was.

With just one month, how could they possibly achieve that?

But if they managed to get through the course, they could imagine how much stronger their bodies would become!


Brother Geoff didn’t give up. He tried again and again without giving up, even though his face was covered in mud.

It wasn’t easy for him to have this chance, so he wasn’t going to give up!

Soon, someone started moving. Then a second one, a third one, a fourth one…

Nobody wanted to be left behind. Everyone wanted to become stronger, and nobody wanted to embarrass themselves in front of Ethan!

Soon enough, the training facility was filled with angry roars as figure after figure rolled in the mud and was sent for a ride through the various stages.

If they failed once, they’d try again, and again…the more they tried, the more excited they became, and the more indignant they became!

Ethan didn’t bother about them.

He knew very well that if they made it in a month’s time, then their bodies would have seen an improvement beyond belief. But who could make it to the end?

That depended on one’s willpower and endurance level.

Ethan drove the car towards Palmer Group, and at the same time, Joe Stewart’s men had arrived in Greencliff.

They were two muscular men, and it was obvious that they were twins.

“Cain Brockman, Abel Brockman! Your mission is to find that crazy guy and cripple him!”

Joe had a threatening look on his face as he threw Ethan photograph at them. “Break his hands and legs, understood?!”

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