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Chapter 71

After leaving East Lake Teahouse, Ethan and the rest went straight to Golden Jade Restaurant.

Tom Foster’s face was red from excitement and remained red for quite a while.

Brother Geoff just followed behind and wanted to say something several times, but in the end he didn’t dare to say anything.

“Big Boss!”

Tom Foster packed the freshly prepared mini lobsters well and passed it to Ethan. “It’s been hard on you tonight.”

Ethan shook his head. “I’m a little disappointed though. I thought there should be some big fish in Greencliff, but they’ve all turned out to be trash.”

Tom Foster nodded.

To Ethan, Bill Hale and the rest were just trash.

“I’m not interested in settling this sort of trash, so I’ll leave it to you.”

Ethan hopped into his car.

Tom Foster froze. Ethan was leaving them to him?

It was easy for Ethan to give these instructions, but it wasn’t an easy task to settle Bill Hale and the rest himself.

“One month.”

Ethan went on, “I’ll take one month to train those punks. After that, you have to settle the rest. I want to keep my wife company.”

He then got Brother Geoff to drive him home.

Tom Foster took a deep breath. He only snapped out of it after he could no longer see the lights of the car.

Ethan was only going to take a month to train those fifty punks?

And then Ethan wanted him to completely get rid of Bill Hale and the other bosses who had been around in Greencliff for the past few decades?

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in Ethan. He just continued to feel that this was too hard.

Brother Geoff drove Ethan back to Magnolia Estates and respectfully opened the door for Ethan. It was like he was facing a high and mighty god, and Brother Geoff was being extremely pious.

“Big Boss!”

Brother Geoff hesitated for a while before speaking again. “I…Could I drive Big Boss around for this month?”

Ethan thought about it. The car they had right now was for Diane and he wanted to buy another one, but April would definitely chide him for spending money unnecessarily.

“You want to join the training?”

Of course Ethan could tell what Brother Geoff was really thinking about.


This time he didn’t hesitate, because he knew Ethan liked people who spoke their minds. “I want to become strong too!”


Ethan nodded and then went into the house.

Brother Geoff clenched his fists and punched them excitedly into the air before carefully driving off.

It was nearly 10PM.

Diane was still sitting on the sofa with a tablet in hand and looking at all sorts of company reports.

The fragrance of mini lobsters immediately made her wrinkle her nose.

She turned to see that Ethan had already prepared bowls and chopsticks, and even had tissue ready.

“Come over and eat. Mum and Dad are asleep?” Ethan asked quietly.

“Yeah they’re sleeping.”

Diane walked over to the table in her slippers. The smell became even stronger. “Will I get fat if I eat supper so late?”

She felt that she wouldn’t look good if she became fat.

“You’re pretty even if you’re fat.”

Ethan seemed to know what Diane was thinking about, and said that while peeling one for her to eat. “Come, have a bite.”

Diane told herself that she should only eat a few, but soon enough, she totally forgot that she had told herself this.

She ate one every time Ethan peeled one, and Ethan only let her wash up and sleep after she had finished everything.

Nothing eventful happened that night.

Diane took her guilt of eating supper to bed and slept till the next morning.

When she woke up, the mat in the room had already been packed away and Ethan was nowhere to be found.

She sat up with a start. “Ethan?”

There was suddenly an empty feeling in Diane’s heart. Had Ethan left?

She walked out of the room to find that familiar figure still gobbling his food at the table, chomping down the breakfast that April made. Diane immediately felt assured.

“You lazy bum, if you continue to wake up so late, I won’t leave any breakfast for you next time.”

“Humph, don’t you dare!”

After breakfast, Brother Geoff was already waiting outside the door.

He sent Diane to the office first, then sent Ethan to the factory in the countryside.

None of the fifty men were late, and all of them had come early to wait by the factory entrance.

When they saw Ethan’s car approaching, there was a change in their eyes.

They didn’t know how strong Ethan could make them, but they believed that Ethan had this ability.

There was an empty piece of land behind the factory, so while the factory was being built, Ethan had also gotten the workers to build a training facility that he had designed on this empty piece of land.

The training facility was densely filled with all sorts of obstacles, and everyone’s hair stood on end.

They hadn’t started yet, but they knew it was going to be really tough by just looking at it.

“Out of fifty, I’ll leave only thirty at most.”

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